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Great Ideas For Top Golf Prizes for Local Tournaments

Tournaments and contests can be made all the more exciting with golf prizes. Here are several great ideas.

Coming up with great golf prizes for a local tournament or just a gathering of golfers is really important, so that you can reward people for participation. Whether you’re looking for great party favor styles of gifts, or if you’re looking for something a bit more involved, to ensure that you’re able to reward players for winning, or performing well.  Either way, having prizes is a must, and there are a ton of different options that you’ll be able to choose from.

But it is a matter of determining what is going to be the best for the type of tournament that you’re holding, as well as the situation in general.  You want to be sure that you’re able to instigate prizes that really send the right feeling at present the right type of emotions for whatever it is that you’re using them.  That means something truly worthy of winning if you’re after a trophy, or something that’s going to be really ideal when it comes to a party favor. There are a ton of great golf and locations specific items that you can pick up, and here are a few ideas on how you can come up with great prizes:

1) Think about what you can give everyone just for attending.

The mark of a really fun golf tournament or gathering of some sort, are great party favors that can mark the occasion in your memories.  That means that you want to buy something like key chains, or anything else of the like, that you can give away to those that entered or attended.  These items can be pretty fun, and are great commemorators of the event as well, so that you can show that you were there.  Plus they are pretty cheap to buy, and you can order in bulk without worry for steep golf prices.

2) Always have a trophy for the winners.

The winner of the tournament has to have something to show that they were the best golfer in attendance, and that means that you need a trophy truly worthy of that victory.  That means buying something large most likely, but that also has all the golfer style that you could want.  Whether you’re looking for something like a large bronze or even gold painted trophy.  Or you can also go with the very large wooden or plastic constructs that are more about stylish size than anything else.

3) But don’t forget medals for other contenders.

Depending upon whether or not you would like to provide golf prizes to every contestant, it’s a good idea to have medals so that you can at least award the top performers.  This way, you can provide a runner’s up medal, or even medals for the first three or four places, so that you can call attention to their achievement.  Placing highly like this in a golfing competition is always a big achievement, and it’s important that you’re able to treat things as such.

4) Look to enlist the help of local businesses if you’re awarding a cash prize.

Want to get some cash to offer up for the event, but you don’t want to spend out of pocket on golf prizes?  Then you need a sponsor, and where better to turn than a local company.  All you really have to do is talk them into putting up some money, or even several businesses into coming together, to draw attention for better golfers to attend by putting up more and more money.  It’s easy enough, and usually only requires you to put up some Joe’s Coffee advertisements, for the company that provided the money that you’re using as a draw and major prize.

5) Local businesses can also be great places to go for charity events.

If you’re looking for great golf prizes that are for charity purposes, whether the tournament is for charity or if you’re planning on an auction of some type, you want to look to your community.   This way, you can see what services local businesses are willing to offer, that people can bid on to win as a part of an auction related to the event, or that can go up as prizes for golfers that are sponsored for charitable donations.  Either way, you can be sure that plenty of interest and funds are drummed up, so that you can provide plenty of money to the charity of your choice.

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