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Greatest Atlantic City Golf Courses You Have To Play on Vacation

If you'll be traveling there and have time for a round on the course, these top 6 Atlantic City golf courses will all help you get your fix.

Golf is one of those sports that becomes a major hobby that even dominates where you want to vacation or take time off to travel.  If you’re planning on doing something like traveling to New Jersey, then you need to know the right Atlantic City golf courses that you’re going to have to play when you’re there.  You’ll find that such a small state can actually have an awful lot of different golfing zones all packed into the same area, so choosing is not always easy.  You’re going to have to narrow down which are going to be better or the most likely that you’re going to want to hit.

There are tons of courses to play, but what you’re going to be looking for are those that offer a true golf challenge, and that are also ideally suited to someone with a high or low handicap.  It’s vital that you’re able to find those that offer a comfortable mix of both, otherwise you’re going to find that it can be a bit hard to find proper enjoyment in your trip.  That’s why you want to narrow down the Atlantic City golf courses that you’re going to need to play, and here are the top choices that you’re going to find on your journey:

1) The Links at Brigantine Beach

There are tons of benefits of golfing here, whether you’re looking for fantastic golf, or just an experience in general. With generally favorable climate conditions throughout the year, this is a golfing excursion that’s ideal any type of season.  But what you’ll also find is that you’ve got a recently renovated clubhouse with fantastic fine dining quality food. But you also get a ProLink GPS enabled system on the course that gives you pinpoint yardages, so that you can figure out how far you are from the pin any time.

2) Twisted Dune Golf Club

Another one of the golf packages Atlantic City can have to offer, what you get here is a really ideal challenge whether you’re looking to play some golf or if what you were after is just enjoyable views.  You’ll find that the unique 200 acres have been cultivated and landscaped to the point that you’re going to enjoy a remarkably beautiful experience that will make you think you’re some far off beautiful legendary golf course.

3) Harbor Pines Golf Course

Here you’ll find Atlantic City golf courses that are all about fun and personal enjoyment at the forefront. It’s definitely one of the more world class types of golf courses, but you also get to ensure that it’s just going to be fun for anybody to play no matter your skill level.  With the lush fairways, beautiful greens, and challenging obstacles, you can make sure that you’re going to remember the fun you had here long after you’ve played the course and moved on.

4) McCullough’s Emerald Golf Links

Located just outside Atlantic City, in the Egg Harbor Township, you’ll find that this is one of your more ideal spots for more seasoned golfers.  What you get here is a mix of beautifully wide open fairways that are surprisingly challenging yet still forgiving for players that have higher handicaps.  But then you’re also going to find that the area is prone to tricky winds, so you can test your meddle in terms of how you can actually predict just the way the wind is going to affect your ball.

5) Vineyard Golf at Renault

Looking for a more unique type of golfing experience?  Then you have to try some Vineyard Golf at the Renault.  You’re going to find that this is one of your most unique opportunities when playing Atlantic City golf courses, because the course itself offers beautiful natural views of the local vineyards.  This way, you’re golfing in the type of splendor that ensures you enjoy each hole that much more.

6) Seaview Resort & Spa

Of course, if what you want out of golfing packages in Atlantic City is relaxation mixed in with your golf, then this is just where you want to go.  That’s because they not only have a world class golf course, but they also present you with a full quality spa as well.  That means you can relax and feel pampered, or have the perfect advert for a loved one that’s not so keen on golf, for the reason that these are Atlantic City golf courses that you just need to play.


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