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How a Golf Simulator Works and how it Helps

The best form of practice at home may just be a golf simulator. Here's how it works, and why it just might help your game.

To improve at golf, playing and practice are a requirement. While these can easily be carried out on a golf course or practice range, the weather may not always be suitable for playing outdoors. However, there is a modern way of training indoors which recreates actual golf play, and this is done using a golf simulator. 

Types of Simulator for Golf

Golf simulators come in a variety of styles and this can range from smaller to larger models. An example of a smaller simulator is the Golf Launchpad Golf Simulator, by Electric Spin which can be found on the market for $199. This features a tethered golf ball which can be played with your own clubs, with the device connected to a PC or TV to show details of the shot. Larger simulators, such as the residential PGA Tour Simulator, can cost into the thousands of dollars to purchase. These feature large screens and realistic play, where the flight of the ball can be viewed on the screen and a real golf course can be played. 

How a Golf Simulator Works

Simulators for golf are connected to a computer and will typically feature various forms of tracking technology such as optical and motion detection sensors. When the ball is struck these sensors are capable of collecting a variety of information such as ball trajectory, speed and spin and use this to accurately create the flight and distance of the ball. In larger systems with screens, this can be shown such that it is possible to watch the shot as it is played. Modern simulators can show shots from full drives to putts, and can be used to play a few practice shots or a full round of virtual golf. 

Play Golf All Year

While getting out on the golf course is the aim of all golfers, in many cases this is not possible. Weather can be a factor in this and heavy rain, snow and even too much sun can keep a golfer from the course. However, a golf simulator can help in these cases. As it is used indoors, weather is not a factor and it can easily be used to practice and play golf all year round. This can help to stop a golfer becoming rusty due to periods of inactivity, and set up in a home a simulator can be used to play golf whenever required. 

Play Real Courses

Most people will play their own local courses and may travel occasionally to play other locations. A golf simulator, however, lets a golfer play a wide variety of golf courses. While these can be virtual courses designed specifically for the simulator, in many cases they will be modeled on real courses. This enables a golfer to see how they would fair playing some of the top golf courses in the world from the comfort of their own home. 

Training Aid

While enabling a golfer to play the game whenever they want, another major benefit of golf simulators is that they can be used as a training aid. The information collected by the various sensors can be used for shot and golf swing analysis to enable a golfer to see the results of this. Many simulators have a practice mode which is specifically designed for analysis. Using this enables a player to see the details of their swing, shot speed, distance and other factors and this can help them make adjustments to their game to try and improve. 


Golf simulators can be fun to have available. While they can be used for more serious purposes by the keen golfer, they are also a form of entertainment. Challenging family and friends to a round of golf can provide an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon, and although most non-golfers may be reluctant to go to a real course they are sure to have some fun playing on a simulator.

A golf simulator can be a practical and enjoyable device for a golfer to own. It enables them to play golf in their own home whenever they wish, and can also be used as a tool to improve their game. There are a number of benefits to owning one and for the keen golfer it can be a worthwhile investment.

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