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How Golf Swing Software Can Help Take Strokes off Your Score

Innovations in technology and knowledge have produced a wealth of golf swing software. Here's exactly why any serious golfer should consider this form of training.

There are a variety of ways in which golfers can work on their game and, like any aspect of life these days, computer technology has come into common use for this. There is a variety of equipment on the market these days that uses golf swing software to analyze a golfer’s swing and help them to make improvements, with the aim of this being to take strokes of their score.

What is Golf Swing Software?

Golf swing software is a tool that lets you record, view and analyze your swing on a video camera, PC or even a smart phone. The software is made by a number of companies and varies from costly professional level equipment, which is used in golf stores and schools, to more affordable software, which can easily be used in the home by an individual golfer. Some of the manufacturers that produce the software include cSwing, v1Pro and MotionPro.

How does it work?

Golf swing software usually works in conjunction with a video camera or camcorder. The camera is use to record you swinging the club and this data is then typically transferred to a PC. The swing software when loaded onto the PC has a variety of features that can use the video footage of your swing to analyze different facets of this for errors. Some of the options typically available with the software include creating a series of step-by-step pictures of your swing through its full motion from start to finish, which can then be set beside a tour professional’s swing for comparison purposes. The ability to play through the swing at variable speeds and freeze frame it as required is also possible, as is accurately tracing the plane and path of your swing to identify errors and calculating the swing speed to check the tempo. Other features can include the option of playing two videos overlaid on each other to compare these. This enable the comparison of how your swing is changing, or comparing it against a tour professional’s swing. The features can also include drawing tools to graphically show the path of your swing and see how this compares to a good quality swing. The software can basically help you to pick up errors in your swing, work to change these and then check if the changes are working. In this way you can work to improve your swing over time.

Who Can Use It?

Basically anyone can use golf swing software to help them improve their swing. The options open include doing so with the assistance of a professional at a golf shop or golf academy, many of which use the software these days to assist amateur golfers. However, the cost of much of the software available these days is such that it is possible for a golfer to purchase a package for their own use at home. This makes it readily accessible and it can therefore be used by anyone that is looking to accurately analyze their swing in an effort to make improvements.

What Benefits Can be Gained?

The main benefit of using golf swing software is that it lets you accurately view your swing to pick up errors. Trying to do this when swinging the club at full speed is not always easy and the fact that the software lets you slow down the swing and look at each component from ball address through backswing and downswing to striking the ball in great detail mean you can pick up slight errors that are affecting your game. The ability to compare your swing against those of tour pros also enables you to see where you are going wrong in your swing. This enables you to address any errors to improve your swing, and regularly using the software can provide a method of checking and improving your swing on an ongoing basis. An improved swing generally equates with better striking and accuracy, and this should help in reducing scores of the course.

The golf swing is a key component of playing the game well and any training aid that can let you analyze this to find and amend errors can be useful. Golf swing software is a modern technology that provides a suite of computer tools designed to help a golfer accurately view their golf swing and check how this compares against a good quality swing. This can help to identify mistakes that you are making and assist in correcting these to improve your swing and take strokes of your score.

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