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How To Find and Book The Best Pebble Beach Golf Packages

Pebble Beach golf packages make it easy to enjoy the beautiful scenery and legendary courses in the region while staying at some phenomenal resorts. Here are some planning tips to keep in mind.

Golfing vacations are some of the best ways to relax, whether you’re a golfer or not. That’s because they are always located at some of the most beautiful locales the world over, so you can ensure your golfing is always going to be done in style. But moreover, great locations like those provided by Pebble Beach golf packages, also feature world class resorts that can ensure you’re able to relax like only a full spa could allow you to do so.  That makes them the perfect place to get out and get some exercise in beautiful sunny weather, while unwinding the rest of the day and letting your troubles simply melt away.

Of course, getting the right types of Pebble Beach golf packages is important, because there are so many different golf courses, as well as places to stay.  Not every package is going to be ideal for every golfer, just because it can be a matter of cost.  Not shopping smartly is going to make your trip just that much more expensive, so it’s really important that you’re prepared to scrounge out the right rates to make your vacation worthwhile and affordable. 

1) Plan out where you want to stay.

There are a few different places that are really ideal for staying while you’re visiting Pebble Beach golf courses, but some are always going to be more highly priced than others.  While you can stay at The Lodge right on the Pebble Beach resort, it’s also going to cost you.  Most typically the average vacation of only a few days is going to add up to hundreds of dollars, which isn’t always something that everyone has just laying around.

That’s why you might want to consider resorts that are a bit further away from the prime courses, so long as you don’t mind doing a bit of driving.  There are plenty of quality resort experiences that you can find all throughout the California area that are within close enough proximity to make them convenient for all of your golfing fun. 

2) Think about where you want to play golf.

As a part of any Pebble Beach golf trips you also really have to think about where you want to play when it comes to the golf itself.  Sure there are a whole slew of PGA tour quality courses, especially those like the Spyglass Hill golf course, or the Del Monte course.  But there are pretty stringent requirements for you to play on them.  Not only are there hundred dollar and well above fees per round.  But you’re also going to find that in most cases you have to meet a handicap requirement to get on the course at all.

That’s why you want to look for combination packages that you can buy while in the Pebble Beach area.  Most typically, you can get all sorts of fantastic buy a few rounds and then get the last one for free deals, so that you can get more golf for your dollar.  What’s more, if you’re just looking to play some executive golf, there are also cheaper options like the 9 hole par 3 Peter Hay course. 

3) Find the right website to search for the best Pebble Beach deals.

One thing that you’re also going to find when it comes to scrounging for great deals, is that there are all sorts of Pebble Beach packages that you can go with, to bring down the cost of your trip significantly.  All hotels and resorts really like to be fully booked throughout this season, and in order to do that and make themselves as busy as can be, they are willing to offer cheaper rates throughout the season.  In most cases you’ll have to plan well in advance, but that early planning is really going to come in handy down the line. 

Some of the best sites to research great rates can include:




All can be instrumental at advising you about the best times to get the most ideal Pebble Beach golf trips vacation packages.  But what’s more, they can guide you throughout a pricing structure that’s going to be appropriate to you, so that you can keep your vacation as affordable as possible.  This way, you can be sure that you’re going to be able to enjoy your golf, without worrying about what it’s going to cost you when everything is said and done.

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