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How to Maximize Your Golf Bag Storage

Follow this advice to make the most of your allotted space for equipment by maximizing your golf bag storage.

Golf equipment can be expensive, and it therefore makes sense to care for it well. This includes storing the bag, and the golf gear it holds, in a convenient way when it is not in use. It is typically best to keep a golf bag stored in an organized manner, in a location where the equipment is unlikely to be damaged. Whether you are an amateur looking for a convenient home storage method, or a retailer or golf club that stores a number of sets, there are a range of products that can help you maximize your golf bag storage.

Golf Bag Storage Organizer

A golf storage organizer is typically for home use, and comprises a small floor-standing cabinet. The most common style has space for two bags and holds them standing in place, such that the golf gear is safely stored and unlikely to be knocked over. As well as having space for golf bags, most storage organizers also have shelves and small storage bins that can be used to hold equipment such as golf shoes, tees, balls, golf gloves and other smaller golfing equipment. This enables all golfing gear to be conveniently stored in one location. There are a number of manufacturers that produce this style of home bag storage system, with some of the names competing in the market including Suncast, Proman and Forgan. Organizers typically come in either wood or metal, and can be a simple way to maximize the storage space for golfing equipment in a home.

Golf Bag Wall Rack

Another golf bag storage option for the home that can maximize space and also help to keep golfing equipment safely out of the way is a golf bag wall rack. These are typically smaller than an organizer, making it more useful in smaller properties with less space. The fact that they keep golf bags off the floor also helps to ensure that the bag or bags take up less room and in many cases they are small enough to be mounted in a closet. A golf bag wall rack is typically a metal frame which is securely attached to a wall and has rods on which golf bags can be hung. Most are manufactured to hold two golf bags and also have additional hooks or shelving to store other golfing gear. Some of the manufacturers that produce this type of golf storage equipment include Schulte, Rubbermaid and Racor.

Professional Storage Equipment

There are a variety of facilities that have a requirement to store large numbers of golf bags and examples of this can include private golf clubs storing members equipment, and golf pro shops and sports retailers that have golf sets available for sale. This type of golf gear can take up a lot of space and a golf club storage system that can maximize the way in which this is done can help hold more equipment in a smaller area. There are a few companies known for producing this type of storage equipment for golf clubs, with some of these including the following

Lundia – Lundia produces large storage systems for golf bags which are used by a number of top clubs. These comprise large storage units that can be moved around to provide access to the equipment. This requires less aisle space between the units and means that an area can be maximized to store more equipment.

Carousel Golfing – This company produces an innovative golf bag storage system which uses a carousel type system. This is basically a metal frame with a central column which has storage bays set around it for holding the bags. It can be installed as a single height or double height unit, with the double height unit capable of storing up to 12 bags in only 1 square meter of floor space. The fact that the unit rotates makes depositing bags and retrieving them simple and it can be an easy way to maximize the space available for storing golf bags.

Being able to store golf bags in an organized manner can help keep equipment safe as well as keeping it out of the way. There are a variety of options on the market for golf bag storage, with both home-use and commercial systems available to help people maximize the storage space they have. Some of the options are shown above and these can be good choices for amateur golfers or professional enterprises.

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