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Installing And Using Your New Course Golf Ball Washer

Why not keep dirt off your balls with a golf ball washer? Your playing experience will certainly be an easier one.

Having a golf ball washer at the golf course is a necessity no matter what level of golfers you typically attract, because they are so essential to the game.  That’s because a ball that’s covered in dirt and other gunk that you pick up when they are used during your time on the course, is not going to fly as well.  That’s why you have to wash them, so that you can get that clean flight back.  Plus getting them wet can also help to sail them through the air a bit further than they would normally, which guarantees you’re going to be able to drive the ball as far as you possibly can every single time.

However, knowing how to install as well as where to place your golf ball washer is actually pretty important as well.  This way, you can make it as easy as can be for golfers when they need to wash, so that you can ensure it’s simple for them to clean before each tee off, so that they can start fresh just about every single time.  It’s actually pretty easy so long as you know what to do, and here’s what you’re going to want to pay attention to when it comes to installing your golf ball washer:

1) Make sure your placement is correct.

With just about any type of washer, you have to be sure that they are taking up the right type of position on the course.  This means you want them to be right outside, usually to the side or rear, of the tee box.  That ensures they are as easy as possible for you to access before playing the ball, which is really important when you want to ensure your ball is totally clean before playing the hole.

2) You’ll need an auger to drill an appropriate hole.

In order to get the post of the golf ball washer into the ground, you have to have an auger, so that you can dig to the precise depth that you need to be.  This can vary based upon the model, as you want them to sit up where it’s comfortable and easy for anybody to use the washer, but then you also need them to be planted deep enough that you know they’re not going to be going anywhere.  It’s important to get a really firm foundation, and this is key to ensuring that your new washer is going to stand the test of time.

3) Now it’s time to suspend your support pole.

The pole that’s going to suspend the actual golf ball washer itself needs to be installed within the hole, but you also have to ground it, so that there’s no worry of it flopping around or becoming unstable after years of use. That’s what cement is for, and you’re going to want to make a good base within the ground out of it.  This means actually pouring cement around the pole, so that you can get it set properly.  Be sure that you do this slowly and carefully, as once the cement dries you’re not going to be able to try again without  a ton of hard work, and that’s not something that anybody wants.

4) Now you just have to bolt the washer onto the pole.

No matter what type of range ball washer you buy, you’re going to find that they always come in the two parts, from the mounting pole to the actual washing device itself.  Once your pole is in appropriately, it’s time for you to actually bracket the washer onto the pole itself.  This way, golfers will be able to come up and make use of the device, so that they can wash their balls as need be ,before playing each hole.

5) Now you just have to keep them maintained.

Depending upon how busy the golf course is, you may have to get out and man the golf ball washers often, because you’re going to run out of fluid pretty fast in some cases.  But they all need to have two things.  You have to have plenty of water for actually washing and stimulating the process, but you also need soap, so that you can clear the dirt right off.

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