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It’s Never Too Early for Junior Golf Sets

As long as they can walk, your kids can never be too young for junior golf sets. Here are some key points to keep in mind.

Golf is a game that is typically open to anyone, regardless of age and this applies to youngsters as well as seniors. Many younger children can take an interest in golf for a number of reasons, from a family member playing to enjoying watching the professionals show their skills on TV. For those that want to start learning the game, junior golf sets can be a good option to choose for a number of reasons.

Type of Sets Available

Junior golf sets come in a variety of styles with different types aimed at different age groups. For the youngest toddlers there are toy sets available with plastic clubs and balls available, and this can be a fun way to introduce them to the game and let them have some fun copying older children and adults. Children that are around 3 years and older can typically graduate onto golf sets that are age appropriate, with clubs that are designed specifically for them. Starter sets for the youngest children can typically have a wood, one or possibly two irons and a putter, which come supplied in a golf bag. These are typically of a size that is appropriate for age and average size and lets a child play with clubs that are suitable for them. As kids grow older, typically the number of clubs in a junior set can increase, with tweens and teens generally graduating onto half sets that include a mix of woods, irons and possible hybrid clubs. These again will be manufactured in a size that is appropriate for the age group that they are aimed at.

Benefits of Using Them

The major benefit of a child using junior golf sets is that the clubs are sized to suit them. This makes it easier for them to swing the club and enables them to learn to play the sport correctly. Trying to use cut-down adult clubs can be inappropriate for a child and make it harder for them to hold and swing the club properly, which in turn can lead to them developing problems with their swing. Clubs that are correctly sized and weighted for a child makes it easier for them to learn the game and play well. Another benefit of junior sets is that they have fewer clubs and this typically makes club selection a lot easier when playing the sport. For parents, one of the benefits of junior sets is that they tend to be a more affordable option. While many kids may want to take up golf, not all of them will stick with it, and spending a lot of money on clubs can be an expensive mistake if a child subsequently gets bored with the sport and gives up. When a child wants to learn golf, an affordable junior set can be the best option initially.

Who Makes Them?

Many of the major golf club manufactures produce sets for juniors and this includes Callaway, Cleveland and TaylorMade. However, a number of companies compete in the market, with other companies such as Nike, Precise Blaze and Aspire being some of these.

Where to Find Them

Junior golf sets can be a found for sale in a few locations, and there are a number of retailers that specialize in them. All Kids Golf Clubs is one of these and they have golf sets aimed at a few different age groups. This starts with sets for 3 to 5 year olds and goes through to sets which are appropriate for teenagers. They have clubs available for right and left handed players, as well as options aimed specifically at boys or girls. Another retailer that has golf sets for juniors is Golf Circuit and they have sets from many of the top manufacturers, providing a range of choice. General sports stores can also have junior sets available, with Dicks Sporting Goods, for example, having sets manufactured by Maxfli, Top-Flite and Callaway.

Tips for Buying Them

When buying junior golf sets it can be better to take the child. While most sets will be aimed at a particular age group, it can be better to let the child hold the clubs to ensure that they are appropriate for them in terms of length, weight and grip size. This should ensure that they will get the best use from the clubs and that they will be appropriate to help them learn and improve their game.

Kids can start learning to play golf almost as soon as they can walk, and it’s never too early for them to have a set of clubs if they are interested in the sport. Junior golf sets are available for all age groups and can be the best choice for a kid to learn the game correctly and enjoy the experience.

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