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Keys For Finding Cheap Golf Shoes At Closeout Prices

How can you save great money by finding cheap golf shoes? Here are the keys to coming across those closeout opportunities.

If you want to excel at golf, then you need to have the right equipment for the job.  That means everything from your headwear, to your golf clubs, to your very shoes needs to be in order if you want to make the most out of every shot.  Golf is a game of extremely fine margins, and if you don’t give yourself the best chance for success with what you’re using to actually play the game, you’re going to find that you’ll have a pretty hard time really making a positive impact when you’re actually out there on the course.  That’s where tracking down the right pair of cheap golf shoes can make all the difference.

Golf equipment is hopelessly overpriced in most cases, and that’s where you’re going to find it’s a massive pain trying to cope with the cost of most things.  That’s not to say you can’t still find great cheap golf shoes, but you may have to look harder for them in the end.  That’s why usually you need a few tips to help narrow down your search, and to make sure that you’re looking in the right places for shoes that provide you with all the performance and none of the cost.

First off, be careful about what brands you’re shopping for

The biggest mistake you can make if you want to save money with cheap golf shoes, is going with the big brands like Nike or Ecco right off the bat.  Instead try looking towards brands like FootJoy.  They are lesser known, but are actually still pretty respected by many golfers, because they put a lot of quality into the shoes for that lower price. You’ll find they still have the great spike and pivoting natural motion.  But they also come at about half the cost as well.

Try shopping the older models

Sure the new 2011s just came out, and they are going to be the hottest and most attractive shoe right?  Well why do you have to buy them straight away?  You’ll find that going with shoes that are from older lines, that you can typically order online brand new still, are always going to be much lower priced.  Because they are considered outdated, you should be able to get them for under half the price of the new shoes pretty easily.

Shopping in the right places

You also want to go looking online for cheap golf shoes from the right retailers.  You’ll find that just going to the PGA Tour’s official store is not always the best way to make yourself a bargain, because they tend to charge you the list prices on all equipment which can be pretty inflated.  Instead, concentrate on sites like these:

Golf Shoes Plus

The most fantastic source for clearance golf shoes, here you can find a great selection of all different types.  Whether you’re looking for cheap golf shoes prices on top brands like Oakley or Puma, or if you just want a good bargain.


They have a good mix of your general cheap shoes like stripped down Adidas shoes, or you can still find quality top of the line adiPure types like what the actual pros use as well.  This way you can go for the bargain, or they are a good site to buy a tour quality pair if you feel like spending the money.


A great resource for saving money on all things golf, here you can find fantastic deals for cheap golf shoes.  That way, you can get just the brand and style of shoes that you want for cheaper, so that you can save money but still play at the absolute top of your game at the same time.

Remember also to check out the bargains near you

Sporting goods stores are always selling the older stock at lower prices when the new shoes are going to roll in to the store.  Watch for these sales, and scope out the prices that can ensure you’ll be able to save tons of money, and that guarantee you can take a massive amount off the price you would have had to pay otherwise.


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