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Look The Part With Plaid Golf Pants On The Course

If looking the part is important to you, plaid golf pants will certainly do the job. Here are a few points you'll want to keep in mind when selecting a pair.

There’s nothing more classic than wearing plaid golf pants on the course, and they really allow you to accessorize and feel like a golfer when you’re out on the green.  Plus they come in so many different styles, that you can ensure you’re able to find just the right flavor no matter what sorts of pants you’re actually looking for.  Golf clothing has come a long way as well, so you can be sure that any pair you find is going to be really more tailor made to enable you to stay comfy, as well as play your best when you’re out playing a round competitively or with friends.  Plus there are so many styles, there are bound to be plaid golf pants out there for everyone. 


But of course, there are a few things that you always want to think about when it comes to golf clothing, to ensure that you’re able to find pants that really suit you.  It’s a matter of style in addition to actual comfort when you’re looking for any pair of women’s or means plaid golf pants.  Here are a few things to consider, to be sure that you have a pair you know you’re going to love:


1) Which style of plaid golf pants is really going to suite you the most?

While you may not realize it, one thing that you’re going to find when it comes to pants like these, is that they are actually available in all different styles.  There are your standard types of pants, your shorts, and then your classic golf knickers.  When you’re just looking for something to suit you on any green, you want to go with your standard pants.  These feature the same type of design as your casual khaki, so they are built for your comfort, but also the style that you want to most represent when you’re on the course.


Otherwise, on a particularly hot day, you can’t go wrong with a pair of shorts, so that you still have the stylish plaid look of a classic golfer, with the added cooling effect that you need.  Plus shorts can come in all different lengths to suit your comfort level. Whether you’re looking for longer shorts to go down to the knee, or those that stop slightly above like Bermuda shorts, you can find all sorts of great plaid styles. 


Plus there are also the classic golf knickers, which enable you to look like one of the old school golfers from decades past. These are pants that are meant to bunch up at the knee, so that they give you a baggy short look, that are meant to be combined with long socks.  They are perfect for having a little fun on the course, or just for wearing the perfect type of costume when you’re being a golfer for Halloween or another dress up situation.


2) Choose the right color of plaid golf pants patterns.

You have to think about the type of plaid pattern that your pants feature, as golf clothing can look very different from pant to pant.  You can find the very loud classic types of plaid patterns which feature bright red hues.  Or you can find the more muted modern types as well, which give you that tone of classic plaid, but that aren’t over indulgent into the style. These typically achieve the feat through colors like dark blues and greens, as well as blacks and gold signature designs. 


3) Find a brand that you can trust to provide great golf clothing.

When you’re looking for plaid golf trousers that are really made for golf, you have to buy them from a company that knows golf. That’s why when you’re looking for serious clothing, you have to go with a brand like Nike, which produces a full range of great gear to make you a better golfer.  These pants feature the great classic look a golfer should have, with newer additions like sweat wicking technology to keep you dry, as well as special fibers to keep you cool and to make your pants so light and comfy you feel like you aren’t wearing any at all.


4) Know where to go to buy great plaid golf pants.

You also really want to know where you can go when it comes to getting a great pair of golf pants.  That means finding the right type of online shop in most cases, as you’ll just have a better selection than what you would find at a local club shop.  Some great places for browsing include:






All feature a great selection of both fun costume style pants, or the more serious actual golfer attire that anyone could want to wear out on the course

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