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Make A Unique Fashion Statement With Crazy Golf Pants

Whether you're looking to play the course in style or put together a costume, crazy golf pants are guaranteed to be a fashion piece that gets attention.

Whether you’re looking to outfit yourself with the perfect addition to your costume, or if you’re just looking to make a fun statement when you’re out on the green with friends, crazy golf pants can allow you to do so in style.  With different types of unorthodox and classic golf styles, you can bring a different type of character to your games, and ensure that you’re able to really have fun doing so.  Golf is a sport that has endeared with many different types of wacky styles throughout it’s storied history.  That gives you plenty of potential when you’re looking for golf pants in any type of style you could want.

Basically it’s a matter of choosing a type that are really going to fit your idea and the image that you’re going to promote.  You’ll find that depending upon the purpose of your purchase, you might want to tone things down, or dial up the zaniness of your pans.  That’s why there are a few different types to choose from, all you have to do is figure out which sorts of crazy golf pants from the three most common classic varieties there are you want to choose.

1) Golf Knickers

This is one of the most common types of classic pant that are worn around courses, or to parties as a part of a golfer costume these days.  What you’re going to find is that they are also perfectly poised to give you that great golfer look anywhere you go, because they are so ironically known as golfing trousers.  Knickers are specially made so that they are meant to go to about the knee or slightly below, and then hug the leg tightly.  That gives them a more comfortable, as well as a more motion centric type of baggy construction which makes them quite comfortable.

You’re also going to find that golf knickers come in all different styles as well.  You can get crazy golf pants that take on  more of a plaid look, but there are also solid colors as well, so that you can choose the sort of outfit you really want to wear.  What you’ll also find about golf knickers, is that they come in different lengths as well for the look or comfort you want.  Some are made to be 2 or even more inches below the knees, and go by the term plus twos, or plus threes, plus fours, etc.

2) Psychedelic 70’s pants

If you’re looking to really put the wacky into your utterly crazy golf pants, you can’t go wrong with a classic 70’s pair.  The 70’s produced many styles that could be considered especially strange by today’s standards, and their golf pants were right up there with some of the weirdest.  Through these, you can find golf pants that feature plaid as well as floral patterns.  But you’ll also find that they come in custom 70’s styles as well like bell bottoms, or hip huggers and the like. 

3) Play the more refined role with plaid golf pants

If you still want something that could qualify as crazy golf pants, but that is not outlandish or overtly wacky, you can always just go with your simple plaid as well.  There are all sorts of varieties which can make your pants more decidedly crazy or exciting, and you’ll find that you can get just about any type of color scheme.  Whether you’re looking for something more bright and obvious like red and white plaid with gold accents.  Or you can also find those like plaid that features more of a navy or black color with white accents for more of a classic look. 

Plus there are also plenty of outlets out there where you can order the perfect pair of wacky or unorthodox pants that are perfect for the style you’re looking to represent.  Big golf outlets like or produce all sorts of styles that you can adapt to your needs.  Whether you’re looking for something more costume like in appearance, or if you’re just looking for fun crazy golf pants that are going to be acceptable on any course, you should be able to track down just what you’re looking for.

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