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Mens Golf Shirts: Comparing The Top Brands

Whether it's polo style shirts or tees, mens golf shirts can be found in many styles. Here are some of the best brands for any wardrobe.

Having the right types of golf clothing when you’re out on the course is important, so that you can be sure that you have just what you need to look and feel the part as a golfer.  However, there are so many different types of mens golf shirts out there, how are you supposed to know which sort is the best?  There are so many different types of brands out there that it can seem near impossible to figure out just what you’re going to want to wear the most, when it comes time to go golfing.  But also, with so many different brands of mens polo shirts out there, you can be sure there’s something for you.

Basically all shirts of this style do fall into that polo category, as it’s the standard golf style.  That means you want your shirts to fall into the classic golf look, which means they have to be short sleeved, and they have to have a button up collar that goes down about two to three buttons from the top of the shirt.  This is the most classic stylish look that just about every golfer displays when they go out on the course, so it’s important that you find the right type of shirt that fits within that archetype.  For that, it’s just a matter of comparing the top brands to see what they have to offer: 

1) Nike

This is one of the best companies to go to when it comes to any sorts of golf apparel. While it took Nike a while to take off in the golf world, they have come on extremely strong with the signing of Tiger Woods as a spokesperson.  This has led to fantastic development of new products, including polo shirts that incorporate their patented Dri-FIT technology.  This makes them extremely lightweight, as well as comfortable to wear.  What’s more, they feature special sweat wicking construction that’s going to keep you dry in just about any type of weather conditions. 

2) Adidas

Another one of the topmost sports brands out there, but not quite as popular in many scenarios in the golf world.  But that’s not to say that Adidas does not provide quality sports wear.  You’re going to find that Adidas offers a fantastic selection of mens golf apparel, including shirts that feature their custom Climacool and Climalite technology.  That makes the material entirely lightweight and breathable, so that you can be sure it’s really going to be capable of moving along with your movements that much more easily.  What you’re also going to find is that they also feature sweat wicking technology, but also special UV protection so there’s no worry of sunburns under your shirt which can happen with other brands. 

3) Under Armour

While relatively new to the worldwide sports market, Under Armour has grown and grown over the years, and is one of the best brands for golf shirts these days.  Featuring technology that’s similar to what you’ll find in Nike and Adidas, you can count on a great feeling lightweight shirt.  But what’s more, Under Armour also features compression shirts meant to be worn under your standard mens golf shirts.  This way, they compress the body to get the most out of your natural muscle motion, and to provide more support for more power and control throughout your game. 

4) Ralph Lauren

If you’re more after something stylish, and you’re not as much of a serious type golfer that needs true sport technology in your shirt, you can’t go wrong with Ralph Lauren.  These are mens golf shirts that are made for your stylistic needs, and that feature all the style of the Polo brand in a golf specific format of T shirt.  The two combine to make something that’s truly elegant, and that’s bound to turn heads, if not to wick away sweat during each swing.  Plus Ralph Lauren features a larger Women’s line of golf shirts as well. 

5) Callaway Golf Shirts

Callaway is a company that’s widely known throughout the world of golf, for producing top quality materials.  What you’re also going to find is that they can be the perfect fusion between the Ralph Lauren emphasis on style, and the Nike or Adidas emphasis on actual sport.  They feature lightweight high quality materials to keep you cool and comfy, but more classic style than a strictly sporty brand provides in terms of the golfer look.  That makes them the perfect mens golf shirts for many golfers, and they come in several styles perfect for anyone.

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