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Mesquite Golf Courses That Make a Nevada Vacation Worthwhile

The following five Mesquite golf courses are your best bets if you're planning a trip to the region.

Golfing is one of the most fun sports out there, just because it’s something that you’re able to do at just about any age, and still do well.  Whether you’re younger or older, or in between, you’ll find that you’re able to play golf at about the same type of level, just because it’s more a game about skill opposed to physical strength or fitness.  That’s what makes golfing vacations something that can be so fun for anyone, because really anybody is able to play golf.  But you still need to identify the courses that are worth your time, which is why planning ahead for a Mesquite golf excursion is important.

When you only have a few days, or even up to a week, you don’t want to spend any time golfing at courses that don’t offer enough beautiful visuals, or enough of a challenge.  Plus in a place like Nevada there are a ton of courses located throughout the state, so choosing the ones that are really worth the time and effort can be hard.  To make things a little bit easier, here are some of the best places to play Mesquite golf, and what you can expect form each course in turn:

1) Wolf Creek Golf Club

Extremely highly rated, this is one of the premier holes in all the country, never mind just a top place to play golf when you’re in Mesquite.  What you’re going to find here is real championship golf over 18 holes that have been as highly rated by Golf Digest magazine as the 22nd best course throughout the entire country.  The par 72 course is known for some really long carries and some particularly narrow fairways, meaning you have a pretty finely defined sweet spot, to ensure that there’s going to be plenty of fun and challenge to be had.

2) Oasis Golf Club

Another one of those golf courses that features ridiculously challenging fairways, what you’re going to find here is a well met challenge for any golfer.  That’s because the fairways are often designed to go between narrow canyon style fairways, as well as the more difficult elevated types that make placing your shot extremely hard.  In fact, those challenges and brilliant design mechanics have led to this becoming a course that’s rated amongst Golf Digest’s top 10 courses throughout the United States.  That alone should be enough reason to ensure you take a trip as a part of your Mesquite golf excursion.

3) Falcon Ridge golf course

A pretty deceptively hard course.  Even if this doesn’t look like something that’s going to provide you with a huge challenge, you’re going to find that there is plenty of difficulty to be had.  What you get with the Mesquite golf experience on Falcon Ridge, are several elevated fairways that provide a decent challenge as you struggle to try and get your ball to settle just right.  Providing a par 71 difficulty rating, you can be sure that this is a course that’s going to provide a great mix of difficult shots for the experienced golfers, as well as fun and beautiful views for those just looking for some sport.

4) Casablanca Mesquite Golf

Not the place to go if you hate water hazards, as this 18 hole course is known for them.  What you get here is a challenging spread of 13 water hazards throughout the course that are going to really challenge you to think about how you need to play around them to make the most of every single shot.  You’ll have to be smart, and you’ll have to be sure that you use your strokes wisely if you want to navigate them and get on the green.

5) Conestoga Golf Course

Another one of those areas that have to be a part of any Mesquite golf packages, just because of the unique course design that they display.  What you get here is a naturally formed desert course that’s been built into the surroundings.  That means you’ll be able to enjoy navigating your strokes around no less than 51 bunkers. That’s a lot of potential to get stuck in the sand, but so long as you’re resolute, you can be sure that you’re able to avoid these trouble areas, and make the most of your game.

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