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Nike Golf Balls: For When Only The Best Golf Equipment Will Do

Small factors in your balls like arc, spin and more go a really long way, which is why Nike golf balls make an excellent choice.

The better and better that you’re able to get at golf, the better golf equipment that you’re going to have to buy. This is especially true when it comes to something like the balls that you use.  A problem that you’re going to run into with something like your ball choice, is that you have to choose those that allow you the right control options for your skill level. The better that you get, the more that you’re going to be able to control things like the spin, arc, as well as the overall quality of your shots.  That’s why a top brand like Nike golf balls has everything that you need.

When you’re looking for balls that can give you optimum launching power, or that can just ensure that you’re able to control the spin, fade, and several other options with a shot, you need to go with quality.  Only Nike golf balls are customized for the top golfers that the world has to offer, so that you can be sure that you’re given total control over how your golf ball is made to fly.  But you’re also going to find that there are several different types of balls made by Nike, and it’s important to choose those that have the features you need:

1) Nike 20XI

This is the premier ball that are produced through the Nike golf balls brand, as they are brand new for this year.  You’re going to find that they are built to provide you maximum control on a level that you’ve just never had before.  While the launching ability is a bit more refined, which will make your shots more challenging, the trade off is in the spin design of the ball, which gives you 100% control over where your shots are going to go when hitting with irons, and especially wedges.

But you’re also going to find that they feature Nike’s brand new RZN core, so you can count on them launching further, because of the new spring loaded capable design. But they also feature a nice soft outer shell, so that it’s going to be that much easier for you to put the right touch on the ball when you want to tone down your shot a bit. There are also two types, the 20XI-X which features a special mid range launching trajectory.  Or you can also go with the 20XI-S which features a high trajectory so it’s more ideal for beginners.

2) Nike One Tour

One of the older models, but also one of the best and most consistent when it comes to any Nike golf balls reviews.  You’re going to find that these types of balls are made to do two things.  They are specially made so that you get both a great maximum spring and launch connection. But they are also specially made so that they don’t feature an overly high trajectory, so you’ll find they are perfectly poised to be punched to the green, as well as for manipulating when it comes to chip shots as well.

3) Nike Crush

The perfect types of Nike golf balls if you want something that’s more ideal for those with a higher handicap.  If you’re not that well versed in the game of golf, and you’re still learning the ropes, you need golf balls that are designed to give you some help.  The Crush are guaranteed to out drive the competition, and get you closer to the green faster.  However, that hard shell does make them a bit harder to put with, which can really limit your options when it comes to your short game.

4) Nike Karma

If you’re looking for the premier women’s Nike golf balls this is the only choice for you.  That’s because they are made with lady golfers in mind, so they are perfectly poised to get the job done, when it comes to your strengths and weaknesses out on the court.  That means these are actually patented to fly high, so you can avoid any obstacles, whether it’s something like bunkers, water hazards or even trees.  But you’re also going to find that they still have that classic soft feel, which means you’re going to have a lot more control, and a much more positive feel when hitting them off of your irons and putter.

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