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Personalized Golf Balls and Their Many Uses

Personalized golf balls can serve a range of purposes, including gifts and favors, as well as great marketing tools for any business. Are they for you?

Personalized golf balls can be the perfect gift for any golfer in your life, but they also have several uses beyond what you may have considered before.  While the novelty value never wears off when it comes to an ideal golfer gift, they can also be a great way to spread awareness for a new golf brand as well.  In fact, the right types of promotional balls can even be fantastic party favors, gag gifts, and just about anything else that you can think of.  The right personalized balls can be pretty much invaluable for any type of situation in which they could be given. 

That’s actually why you want to think about what sorts of personalization you’re really looking to apply.  There are plenty of different types of personalized balls out there, and the nature of how golf balls can be created means you can have just about anything put on them.  Whether it’s something so simple as a name, or you can also have pictures literally printed on them as well, to make for a fun and more unique type of gift.  There are three main ways that personalized golf balls are going to be used most commonly, and you’re going to find your needs fit into one category. 

1) Personalized Golf Balls as the Perfect Gift.

For just about any golfer in your life, personalized balls can be the perfect way to go to provide a more unique gift they’ll never expect, but will always adore.  With balls like these, you can literally have their name printed on them, and you can use great brands like Titleist so that you’re still going with a ball that’s worth using.  That way, you can ensure finding their ball is as easy as can be out on the green, because it’s always going to have their name proudly brandished upon the side. 

2) Golf Balls Personalized For Party Favors

This is a great way to come up with a more unique type of gift for a party, or to really add to the atmosphere of just about any style of occasion.  Take a wedding for example, in which the groom is a major fan of golfing, or even the bride too.  These are unique favors that can be put on each table for guests to take away, and that can feature a proud announcement of this very important day.  That way everyone has a unique commemorative product in their collection to look back on your wedding. 

Of course, personalized golf balls like these can also be invaluable for use at different types of parties as well, like a retirement party as well.  When a golfer retires, that’s that much more time to actually go golfing and explore different courses, so why not purchase a bunch of balls to represent this new transition.  That way, you can usher in a friend or family member into a new chapter of their life, and one that is going to provide a ton of golfing fun with their new and hard earned free time. 

3) Promotional Personalized Golf Balls.

Building a brand is hard, especially in a crowded world like that of golf.  That’s why you need to stand out, and you need to get yourself into the hands of the golfers that you’re so desperately trying to attract.  With personalized balls that feature the mark of your company on the side, you can be sure that golfers are whacking around a product placement, that everyone on the green is bound to notice.  Plus it’s easy to include a company logo, as well as something like a web address, so that you can make it as simple as possible for an interested party to find you. 

But with personalized golf balls comes a certain amount of cost as well, so there are a few things you want to think about.  The cost of the ball brand that you use is going to be a factor, as the better brands like Nike and Titleist are always going to be a bit more expensive.  But you’re also going to find that using more colors on the ball is also going to be more expensive.  The more colors that you actually have printed on the ball, the more that the cost is going to double or even triple, so it’s important to stick to more basic designs, especially for novelty purposes like party favors and gifts.

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