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Plastic Golf Tees – Comparison vs. Wood and Where to Buy

Wondering about the pros and cons of plastic golf tees vs. wood ones? Here's a full comparison.

A variety of equipment is required to play golf and this varies from small and affordable pieces to larger, more expensive gear. One of the smaller pieces that most golfers carry is tees, and these help setting up the ball when teeing off. Plastic golf tees are one of the common options available, and these can be found for sale in a variety of locations.

Types Available

Plastic golf tees typically come in a few different styles. One of the most common tends to be the natural tee and this has a tapered shape which flares out from a pointed tip up to a wider end on which the ball sits. These come in a few different sizes from around 1.5 to 3 inches in length. The advantage of these is that they can be set at different heights depending on how far they are pushed into the ground, enabling a player to set them higher or lower depending on preference. Another common style is a step-down tee. This has a wider top section, with a small spike below this, and is typically available in a few lengths from 2 to 3 inches. Only the spike section can be pushed into the ground, with the wider top section, above the step-down, always being above the ground. This has the advantage that the tee can be set to the same height every time. Apart from these two common styles, golf tees made from plastic can come in other styles such as brush tees, zero friction tees and novelty shape tees, with most styles having the option of many different colors to choose from.

Pros of Plastic vs. Wood Tees

When compared against wood, plastic golf tees typically have a few pros. Plastic is typically a more durable material than wood and this can mean that plastic tees will last longer than wood. It is also a more flexible material and therefore a little less likely to break if and when the club strikes it. However one of the biggest advantages of choosing plastic over wood, when it comes to golf tees, is that plastic generally comes in more shapes. Some of the more modern tee options such as offset, brush, novelty and other tee styles generally only come manufactured in plastic and are not available in wood. Plastic can therefore provide a wider selection of tees to choose from. Most golfers will try a number of different tee styles to find the one that best suits their game, and having a wider range of plastic styles available means that they are more likely to find one that they are comfortable to play with.

Cons of Plastic vs. Wood Tees

A con of plastic golf tees in comparison to wood can be the cost. Similar tee styles can be a more affordable option in wood, and for those looking for the cheapest option, wooden tees can be a better choice.

Where to Buy

Plastic golf tees can be found for sale in a wide range of locations, and this includes both online and in-store retailers. Online stores that have them for sale include Golf Stuff Cheaper, which has a wide variety of styles available including natural, step-down, brush and offset tees, to name a few. Other online stores that have golf tees made from plastic for sale include Golf Discount and Golf Tees Etc. For those that prefer to shop in-store there are a few different locations where golf tees in plastic can be found. The obvious choices include sports retailer such as Dicks Sporting Goods and Sports Authority, or a specialized golf retailer such as Callaway Golf Stores. However retailers such as Walmart also typically have golfing equipment available and it is possible to find a more limited supply of golf tees in this type of store.

Most people will use tees when they play golf to help them set up the ball for their first shot on a hole. There are a variety of options which can be used, with plastic golf tees being one of the common types. These typically can be found in a number of styles and with a little practice and experimenting, most golfers should find a style of tee in plastic that suits their game and helps them tee-off and drive the ball well.

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