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Proper Golf Swing Analysis Is Necessary For Every Golfer

Performing a golf swing analysis can reveal some remarkable revelations about your game, and doing it properly is of utmost performance.

Playing golf in and of itself is not hard, but playing golf well is extremely challenging.  In fact, performing a golf swing analysis is one of the first things that you’re going to have to do to fine tune your game, and be sure that you’re swinging the club correctly, making the right types of connections with the ball.  Without assessing your swing, you’re never really going to get better, or be able to really hit the ball well, which is going to be a problem for every aspiring golfer, no matter the heights that you hope to reach. 

That’s why there are a few tips that you want to follow in performing your golf swing analysis, so that you can get a feel for what you’re doing wrong and what you can actually improve.  That means you have to have a grasp on the golf swing basics, so that you know how you should actually be swinging in the first place, so that you can get a handle on analyzing what you’re doing wrong. 

1) Make sure your swing stance is correct.

Ideally, when you’re looking to swing a golf club, you have to have your feet parallel on either side of the ball, so that you are standing totally straight and square.  Basically, you want to be able to hold this position, so that you’re squared onto the ball, so that you’re going to be able to hit the ball with the right angle to give it maximum force as well as control.

Sometimes it can help if you have a stance sensing device, or any type of straight piece of material like a club which you can have jutting outward from the ball.  This way you can visualize the straight line that you want to be in tune with, in order to swing properly.  

2) Ensure that you have proper grip on the shaft of your golf club.

This is actually a really important step in your golf swing analysis, so that you can be sure the club is not going to slip.  The ideal way to swing is to come back, and then go forward meeting contact with the ball in the exact same position in which you started.  But that is a lot harder than it sounds, and it takes a lot of body coordination.  One of the first things to slip is the grip, so be sure that you hold that club tightly and don’t let it shift or move.

3) Make sure that your swing is fluent and consistent.

The biggest mistake that you can make when actually hitting the ball, is jerking around or having a somewhat uncontrolled powerful swing.  That’s because it makes you jerk around and make mistakes, so that you lose some power and control of the ball.  You want one fluid motion, so that you’re steadily swinging at the ball in one complete motion.  That’s going to ensure that you’re getting more power behind the ball, as well as a lot more control at the same time. 

By ensuring that you’re able to get a ton of power behind the ball with a smooth straight swing, you can see that your drives will go that little bit further, so that you have that much better of a chance of getting in on every single hole either  on or under par.

Also remember that sometimes you need a helping hand, which is why there is all sorts of different types of technology out there to aide you in the path to golf swing analysis and perfection.  Things like laser levels are ideal, because you can set them up beside the ball to be sure that you’re aligning yourself properly.  But there are also other types of technology as well, like the SensoGlove which is specially made to tell you if you’re gripping too tightly.  That can be a problem with your swing as you can’t move quite so fluidly, which is going to compress your motion and not allow you to really put some power behind the ball. 

You can find a great selection of golf swing analysis products and reviewing devices, even like special cameras and software through all sorts of golf retailers.  Through sites like, you can find all sorts of gadgets as well as different types of computer software as well to help you work on your swing right in your own home.

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