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Proper Golf Workout and Stretching Tips To Make You A Better Golfer

The best golf workout should focus on both cardio fitness and stretching. Here's a blueprint we recommend basing your routine around.

Golf is a sport that may not be as physically demanding as so many other types, but that’s not to say that you don’t have to be in good shape to be able to play.  If you want to be driving the ball 300 yards, and you want to be doing it in a straight line so that you can control your shots, you need to be in good physical condition.  You have to have the muscle to do so, but you also need to ensure that you’re doing the proper stretches to open up those muscles for a more controlled and perfect swing.

You’re going to find that there’s actually quite a lot that you can do in terms of a golf workout, so that you can ensure that you’re going to be  fit enough to play, as well as so that you can ensure you avoid pulling a muscle.  There’s a lot of core and shoulder twisting involved with golf when you’re moving around and hitting the ball.  You have to be sure that you’re prepared with the proper fitness steps taken, so that you can avoid injury and stay healthy and active.  Golf is one of the healthier sports around because it’s good for your body to walk the course, but it’s also not overly physically demanding, so you just get good healthy exercise.

1) For starters, keep yourself in shape and walk the course.

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make is to ride around on the course with a golf cart, instead of actually walking the course.  You want to ensure that you’re able to keep yourself in good shape, and that means walking every step of the course.  That is so, so vital when it comes to getting better and better at the game, as it’s going to keep you more fit, and the more fit you are the easier it is for you to do everything involved.

2) Fitness tubing swing drills.

A big part of making sure that you’re more and more fit for something like golf, is just training your body to get stronger in the way that your body is used.  So think about the ways that you actually use your body, and the things that you can do to ensure that you’re able to improve fitness in those areas.  For example, with fitness tubing you can mimic the exact motion of a golf swing, but there’s a heck of a lot more resistance, so you’re actually pumping up your muscles with every single motion.

3) Lower back and hip abductor exercises.

Besides just actually working on your shoulders for the motion that you take through a regular swing, you also want to work on other essential parts of your core. The lower back is a key area, because it’s a place that gets injured so frequently by golfers, so with the right exercises you can totally avoid this.  By performing lower back stretches, and exercises you can cut down on your risk of pulling a muscle or hurting yourself in any way.

The hip abductors are also really important, because this is where the rotation in your swing comes from. Having strong hips is a must, so that you can ensure you’re going to be able to heave the ball as far as possible down the course.  This way, you have a much more stable and steady stance, which is a necessity for being able to drive the ball as far as possible, but also keeping your control at the same time.

4) Proper stretching before golfing.

When you’re going to be golfing you want to do a lot of stretching of your core, so that you don’t pull a muscle.  It’s pretty easy for you to suffer an injury when golfing, considering all the twisting and turning that your core actually does.  That’s why you want to start out with standing twists, in which you can just take a club in your hands, hold it up in front of you and then shift side to side.  But also with proper golf workout, you want be sure that you’re doing hip rotations as well to loosen up the hip abductors, and mixing in a little rotation on a Swiss exercise ball is also a good idea for a full warm up.

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