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Pros and Cons of Using High Visibility Orange Golf Balls

Are you considering orange golf balls? There are positive and negative factors that must be considered, and here they are.

On paper using orange golf balls sounds like a great idea, with the advanced visibility that you’ll have, in addition to how much easier that’s going to make golfing in general, because you’ll be able to track down your ball in a flash.  However, there are a few negatives to these balls, in the forms of the limitations that they are going to have.  While they may seem advantageous on the outside, you will find that things are not always what they seem when you dig a little deeper.

In fact, this is true of just about all golf equipment, and you always want to be sure to look a little deeper when it comes to any given set.  This way, you can ensure that your satisfaction is going to be virtually guaranteed no matter what you’re looking for.  There’s nothing worse than being disappointed in your golf equipment, especially when you just hashed out a lot of money for what you’ve bought.  With orange golf balls, you want to be sure that you know what to expect beforehand, so that you can ensure you get what you want, with none of the disappointment.

That means considering both sides of the issue, and the pros and cons that are on offer.  First up the positives of what you will find out of a high visibility set:

1) So much easier to judge and spot after hit.

If you’re looking to see better than ever before when  you’re shanking the ball, or just not getting a good connection, so that you can make adjustments, this is the type of ball for you.  Because you can so accurately judge distance when you’re looking at the ball, you will know right away of you pulled too far to the right, or even if you put the wrong type of spin on the ball as well.  That way, you can ensure that you are able to change your swing to hit perfectly every time.

2) Plenty of choices on great manufacturers.

Orange golf balls are pretty common simply for the reason that they are so often used for high visibility alternatives as well as driving range balls.  That means top manufacturers like Titleist as well as Nike and even Wilson make these balls, so you can find just the level of quality that you want for your golf game.

3) They’re just more visible.

Finally, they just make it easier to find your ball and move on wherever you hit it on the course.  Always trapped in the rough?  No worries, you can find your ball in a flash, and get yourself back on track without having to go searching for minutes just trying to locate wherever it is that your ball went.

But of course, there are a few negatives that you want to be aware of:

1) Despite some top manufacturers, choices can be limited.

While some of the top golf ball makers are going to produce these types, and even those of other colors as well, you will find that not everybody does.  So if you do have a favorite brand, you may find that they just don’t make balls in these colors like you may want, meaning you’ll have to try something else if you want to play with orange golf balls.

2) Colored golf balls do not feature sophisticated design mechanics.

Another thing that you’re going to find, is that simply because they are not quite so popular, with orange golf balls you do not have the same level of unique and special technical design.  That means you can choose your core, as well as the feel of the shell of the ball, like if you’re a big fan of the softer types because of the control that they offer you.  That can leave you feeling somewhat limited, and can even change how you’re able to play the game because of these changes.

3) Not every course allows them for regular play.

While you may want to go out with a set of orange balls to play the standard game with a higher visibility piece of golf equipment, not every course allows this.  Many require that you go with standard white, so that you can keep up with the appearance and feel of proper golf attire and conditions.

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