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Protecting Clubs In Bad Weather With a Golf Bag Rain Cover

A golf bag rain cover is essential in protecting your equipment from damage during unexpected weather.

Golf clubs and water are two things that don’t mix, no matter what type of clubs you have.  Whether you have stainless steel, or another form of hybrid material, it’s really important that you keep your clubs dry because any amount of moisture is going to cause them to deteriorate.  Even with stainless steel the surface is going to degrade and rust when met with moisture, so it’s something that you have to be ever vigilant about, which gets hard when you’re golfing in the light rain.  But that’s why golf bag rain cover and hoods can be the perfect investment.

Finding these tools is something that every golfer needs to do, so that you can protect your investment.  You don’t want to splash out thousands of dollars on the latest and greatest set of golf clubs one day, only to find them rusted after you’ve only taken them out on the course a few times.  But with the right types of golf bag rain covers you can ensure that this is never a worry, because you’ll be able to take care of your clubs for years.  But you do want to be sure you buy the right type, so here are a few things to think about:

1) Decide on whether you want a full on cover or just a hood.

There are two different sorts of waterproof golf bag covers, and it’s important that you know which sort you need for the type of bag that you have.  If you have a bag that’s durable enough and that already has it’s own waterproof features, you can go with a more standard type of cover in the form of a hood.  This way, you just have an attachment that goes over the area where clubs would be put.  So long as your bag is at the right type of angle, you should be able to slip clubs in and out without them getting wet hardly at all.

Of course, if you do not have a waterproof bag, you have to prevent that water from settling in, and that means you have to get a full on cover.  These are designed to cover both the opening where your clubs are just like a hood would.  But they have a much larger body that you can slip or wrap around the golf bag entirely, so that you can pulverize any water before it gets near your clubs.

2) Go for golf bag rain covers that are really durable.

Most typically this means you want your hood or cover to be made from a thick and durable material like nylon. There are three positives with materials like nylon.  On the one hand it’s totally reusable, so you only have to buy the one hood and you’re good to go for years.  But then you will also find that they repel the water a lot better than most other types of sources as well.  They also feature a special type of construction by which they are virtually rip proof, so that you can ensure water can never get through a small tear in the outside.

You can find plastic golf bag rain hoods, but these just don’t work well.  They are a pain to use because you have to unfold them and put them on so carefully.  But then you will also find that they can present a hassle in terms of the fact that they are quite easy to rip so you can end up with moisture getting into the club area anyways. You will also find that they just don’t last long at all, and typically require that you buy a new one every single time that you want to play a game of golf.

3) Golf umbrellas are great alternatives if you don’t want a full hood or cover.

Of course, if you want to do about the same job that golf bag rain covers can provide but you don’t want the hassle of having to attach them and manage them, why not go with an umbrella?  They will provide the same type of protection, and are really ideal for slow misting rain condition.  Plus you will also find them to be quite large, so that they can protect you as well, so that you’re able to stand under them totally rain free when the weather is poor.

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