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Putting Green Turf: Comparing The Top Varieties

Whether you're practicing inside or outside at home, putting green turf makes it easy to fine tune your short distance golf skills.

Working on your golf game entails a lot of practice, and that’s why it’s important to buy the right tools for the job, like putting green turf.  You’re going to find that not all types can be treated equally, because some are far better than others.  But all are going to afford you the opportunity to work on your game, right from the comfort of your own home, both indoors and out.  It’s just a matter of choosing the right type of putting green turf that is going to ensure you’re really able to enjoy getting better and better at your close game, for the next time you’re able to play a round with some friends.

That means there are a few things that you want to think about before actually going out and shopping around for practice greens, so that you can find the sort that are going to make the most of your time.  That means first thinking about whether you want an indoor green or an outdoor putting green:

                -Indoor greens are typically smaller, and don’t feature as durable a material. But they are also lighter and because they are more compact enable you to play golf in an office, or in your home, practically anywhere.  What’s more, they also usually have ball returns, something outdoor greens never feature, so that you can have the ball hit right back to you after you make a successful shot.

                -Outdoor greens are typically quite a bit larger, and afford you a much more realistically golf experience.  What’s more, you’re also going to find that they can feature several holes so that you can go from hole to hole practicing, without the need for a ball return.  They also have to be more durable, so they are typically made from weather proof turn materials that are resistant to thinks like sunlight so that they won’t fade, and all types of natural moisture.

But in choosing the right sorts of putting green turf for your home, you also have to find the right type of brand, or accessories that can make the most out of your experience.  That’s why it’s important to compare the top choices out there, so that you can find the perfect sort of golfing aid for use on your schedule.  Here are a few of the best brands to consider:

1) StarPro Greens Pro Putt Turf

This is specially made with the golfer in mind, and is made to totally replicate the feel of a green.  The blades are much shorter than those of your average turf.  But what’s more, they are also quite a bit more dense, so that they have the real feel of a turf.  Plus they come in any size you could want, and can even be customized to how you would like to line the outside of your home with turf for you to practice on your dream putting surface. 

2) TourLinks Putting Greens.

While a brand like StarPros usually takes some time to actually develop the material into a useable surface, Tourlinks come ready to go right out of the box.  These are specially made so that you can actually set up an area to play.  They are almost like a mini-golf range, in that they feature a durable and sturdy lip to keep the area protected and separate from the rest of the yard.  But what’s more, they also feature several holes in most cases, and a unique more natural type of green shape, so that you can capture the feel of a real golf course.

3) ProViri Putting Greens

These are more specially made to become a piece of your yard, more so than the other two types.  They feature no lip of any kind, in addition to a more realistic type of golf shape, so that they will look and feel like a real green.  What’s more, they will also be made to fit right onto a section of your hard, so that they can sit a bit lower than the surrounding grass, so that you can get a much more realistic golf experience, and so that you can practice a wider variety of different types of shots.

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