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Selecting The Right Garmin Golf GPS

The Garmin golf GPS line is said by many to be the best handheld device company for the course. Here are some of the best products on offer by the company, and more useful information.

When you’re trying to fully figure out the game of golf, you’re going to find that you’ve got a pretty difficult chore on your hand when you’re not the most experienced with the sport.  One of the hardest things to do is read the course, see where you want to hit and how to hit around the conditions.  That can take years to hone, and a lot awful scores that you’ll have to endure as a result.  But by adding a Garmin golf GPS to your gear bag, you can make the process a bit easier as well.  Why not have a handy little guide that can help you place and understand your shots right?

With this type of technology you’re going to be able to read the entire course before you place a shot, so that you can see  where you are going to be hitting, or where you should be without a problem.  Plus they are going to show you all hazards and obstructions in real time, so that you can try and play around them or find your way out if you do end up in a bad spot.  There are also a few different types of Garmin golf GPS devices, so that you can choose just the style that you really want to get the job done.

But you will discover that not all of them can be considered the same, and you’re going to have to really think about what you’re looking for out of your handheld, if you’re to buy the right model:

1) How does a Garmin GPS work?

In just about every case, you’re going to find that these utilize triangulation and GPS technology to approximate your exact location when you’re on the golf course.  This is then checked in the system against readings that were taken when the course was actually recorded so that it could be used by the GPS devices.  This has to be done with special types of tracking devices that employees literally walk with over every single inch of the course.  That means remarkable accuracy, and a much more exact position before you hit the ball.

2) Selecting the right model of Garmin golf GPS.

But you also want to find the right type of device based upon what they offer you, and Garmin has three major types of GPS devices.  You want to find the one best suited to how you like to play golf, or just what’s going to fit in your bag the most easily:

Garmin Approach G5 Waterproof Touchscreen Golf GPS

This is the utmost out on the market today, and you’re going to find that this is exactly what you want if you want to go big.  Featuring the largest design, and a full color lush touch screen, you can be sure that reading the course is easier than ever before.  But what you also get for the money is a system compatible with touch targeting, as well as one that updates completely automatically so that you can be sure it always has an exact reading on your current position.  But it’s also the most expensive Garmin GPS at $350

Garmin Approach G3 Waterproof Touchscreen Golf GPS

Of course, if you’re looking for most of the features of the G5 but without the price tag or even the large size, then this is exactly what you want.  A bit smaller than the G5, you can be sure that this is more easily going to be able to fit inside a pants pocket, but will still give you the lush LCD screen that you want to easily pick out your next shot.  Plus they are a bit cheaper at $270

Garmin Approach S1

But if you’re just looking for the basics, then this is more your style as it’s not a handheld device at all but rather a watch.  Of course what any Garmin golf GPS review is going to tell you here is that they can be a bit simplistic, but they still tell you all the course info that you need.  Plus they are better integration for golfers that know what they’re doing, what to place their own shots, but still like having a bit of guidance.  Plus at $250 they are the most affordable option.


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