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Shopping for Golf Visors: 5 Factors To Keep In Mind

Golf visors give much needed sun protection to your skin, head, and eyes when you're out there on the course. Here are five factors to consider when shopping for them.

Headgear is really important in the game of golf, because you spend so much time out in the sun.  When you’re in the sun for that long you need to protect your skin, as well as your eyes.  Good quality golf visors can do both of these things, and can really bring out true golfing style while you’re out on the course as well.  Plus they keep you so much cooler than hats, simply because more of your head is exposed at all times. This guarantees that you’re going to be able to enjoy yourself, even in the harshest of temperatures, which you’re definitely going to encounter from time to time when you’re out on the course.

However, getting the right type of visor isn’t always so straightforward as you may think, as there are a few performance related issues that you’re going to want to feel out.  It’s so important to make sure that you have the right type of visor based upon comfort, but also what it’s going to give you when you’re actually playing golf.  Sports wear has to produce in order to be worth the money, so you want to be sure that you’re finding the right type of golf visors that you can count on to do just that:

1) Always make sure you find visors that are of the right size.

That may sound pretty simple considering the vast majority are totally adjustable.  But you still have to find those that adjust to a comfortable size.  For example, you don’t want to go with a youth cap that’s just not made for an adult’s head, as even if you can stretch them on at the maximum size, the visor’s just not going to be large enough to protect your whole face.  It’s important that you have this type of protection, and then some.

2) Finding the right type of material.

Typically you don’t just want to go with your regular old fabric that most hats and visors are made of.  But if you’re going to be sweating, you want something that’s high performance enough to keep your brow dry.  That’s why you want to go with a mesh fabric of some sort, that is going to wick the sweat right off your brow.  This way, you stay that much more dry and comfortable, which means you can concentrate on the golf, instead of feeling uncomfortable and letting it ruin your grasp on the game.

3) Golf visor brand.

You always want to go with a good brand, so that you can be sure that you’re ending up with quality that you can wear throughout your time on the course.  That’s why you want to go with trusted manufacturers like Titlist golf visors for example.  Not only do they feel great and offer high performance, but they also look cool, and allow you to really look the part while you’re out on the course.  In fact, with Nike golf visors, or really any other brand like Callaway or Adidas too, you can find real quality that you can count on when you’re on the course.

4) Overall style.

Another thing you have to consider is the style of the hat, to make sure that your visor really feels like you.  Nobody wants to wear something they consider ugly or unattractive on their head, so it’s important you find a style that appeals to you.  Whether that’s a certain color combination, or if it’s golf tour visors just like the pros wear, so that you can feel like a real PGA tour golfer with the style that you select.

5) Custom golf visors as promotional items.

But of course, if you’re not shopping visors to actually wear, you will fin that there are plenty of opportunities to find the right item to use to attract customers to your business.  If you’re a new country club or pro shop opening up, you need to spread the word around and inform people about what’s going on.  That’s why getting the right sort of custom golf visors can be a great idea, as they help you advertise, and sell the brand like you just wouldn’t be able to do otherwise.

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