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Stocking Up On Cheap Golf Shirts For Your Next Event

Whether you're a company looking for bulk logo apparel or a golfer loooking for discount gear, cheap golf shirts are always in demand. Here's how to effectively plan out a purchase of them.

Giveaways are always great to have for any type of major event, and that’s true of just about any industry.  When you’re launching a brand new golf store, or just about anything golf related, giving away shirts can be a great way to get people interested.  If there’s one thing that potential customers, and really just about anyone else loves, it’s free things.  Cheap golf shirts definitely fall into that category, and there are all sorts of ways that you can buy them in massive quantities without having to spend a massive amount of money. 

This is really about knowing what you want to buy, how many shirts you’re going to need, and knowing where you can get them on the cheap.  For the right event, you can find that you’re able to outfit yourself to accommodate hundreds of guests without having to spend that much money in the end.  With the right amount of planning, you can find enough cheap golf shirts for everyone, no matter what type of event you’re going to be hosting.  Plus there are all different types of shirts that you can choose from as well, meaning that you can outfit yourself with the right custom item to make the largest impact.

1) First things first, plan out how many shirts that you’re going to need.

Buying golf shirts in bulk always means that you need to have an idea in your head about how many are going to be enough to make all the difference.  For that reason, first thing about how many guaranteed shirts you need for the people that you know are going to attend.  Always be generous with this number, as there’s usually no such thing as extras in a shirt giveaway.

But from there, always tack on 10 to 15% more cheap golf shirts to the final number that you come up with for the first part of the equation.  This way, you account for any of the extra people that are going to show up, so that even if the event is more popular than you thought, you can provide items to everyone. That’s really essential for making the right type of impact within a community for the first time.

2) Compare the top companies that supply cheap golf shirts en masse.

There are several different types of websites out there where you can order some cheap shirts, but you want to compare prices on the cost of shirt to shirt.  This way, you can find the company that charges the lowest price for the number that you’re going to be ordering.  Some companies are better for when you’re just ordering a few, and others are better for when you’re ordering a ton.  Some of the top sites you can visit include:,, as well as

3) Also determine if you want custom embroidery on your golf shirts.

When you’re ordering a ton of cheap polo shirts like these, chances are you’re doing so for a purpose, so it’s a good idea to customize them to make a statement.  By putting your company logo on the shirts, you can have an instant advertisement everywhere they are worn.  Or this can also be an affordable way to outfit yourself with shirts that can ensure you’re able to outfit your employees with the right types of uniforms to wear throughout their workday.

4) Always evenly spread your shirt sizes.

Typically you want to ensure that you’re able to find the right type of comfortable flexibility between sizes.  This way, everyone can choose the size that they want, and you can ensure that you have a shirt for everyone.  In most cases this means ordering the largest percentage of shirts in the large size, as they tend to be the most common for men, and medium for women as they are the most common there.  From there you want to spread out small, extra large and even double xl pretty evenly as smaller numbers.  This should ensure that you’re able to accommodate just about everyone.

Of course, if you are aware of actual sizes, it can be helpful to do your research beforehand, to ensure that you’re able to supply ideal shirts for most of the people.  Otherwise, a good estimation is your best bet when it comes to cheap women’s golf shirts, as well as men’s.

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