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The 6 Best Golf Swing Trainer Devices

A golf swing trainer can sharpen up your technique to great measures. Here are the top 6 models on the market, in our opinions.

You don’t need to invest in fancy digital equipment, nor do you have to shell out the mountains of money that a golf school demands to work on your golf swing. But rather, you just need to buy the right type of home golf swing trainer, so that you can correct the way that your body is working throughout the swing, to ensure that you build that positive foundation. Your golf swing is one of the hardest things to master, and you’re going to find that it takes a lot of time to really succeed with, and that’s why you have to look into ways that you can always improve. Everybody is always looking to break down their game to find ways that they can improve, whether you’re on the PGA tour or if you’re just a fan of the game, and the right trainer can really help.
Therefore you want to be looking at affordable equipment that can improve your ability to play, but that’s also not going to totally destroy your wallet, and you’ll find there are some really good options out there. When you’re looking for top golf swing trainer tools, you’ll find that there are several options, as golf is really popular and everybody loves their golf training aids. Here are 6 of the best that you’ll find, and that you can use to your advantage when it comes time to get out there on the course:

1) Swingyde

This golf swing training aid is actually pretty unique, as you’re going to find that it attaches to the shaft of your golf club just under where your normal grip would be. The way this trainer is designed is to actually guide your wrists and lock them into proper position throughout the swing, so that they don’t move. This way, you can get a feel for how you should be holding the club, and how you should be locking into place so that you can get power and control behind all of your shots.

2) SKLZ Straight Shooter Golf Trainer

If you’re looking for something that’s more about guiding you through how to put your shots on target, then this is more what you’re looking for. What you’re going to get out of this type of trainer, is a much better system for guiding the ball into place on the course, because it’s going to give you real time feedback on all of your shots. What this is going to do is ensure that you’re able to get used to hitting straight, and that means avoiding slices as well as pushing your shots.

3) SKLZ Smash Bag

This is a bit of an unorthodox tool, but a great one nonetheless. You’ll find that this is made so that you can get used to the feel of reverberation, and so that you can avoid scuffing the shot after you make contact, which is a problem for many beginners. You’re literally made to smash the club into the face of the bag, and it guides you through how you actually want to hit the ball every time, so that you can really work on your shot.

4) Hank Haney Swing Band Training System

Much like what the Swingyde will do for you, the training band like this is going to actually lock your hands into place to make it that much easier for you to place a shot. What you get is a band that’s going to allow you to get your hands in position, and ensure that you grip the club more firmly, but also ensure that you can’t really move your hands at the same time. This is vital to learning how to grip and swing without moving too much, making it a simple yet really effective golf swing trainer.

5) Matzie Assist Ladies Swing Trainer

An ideal tool if you’re looking for basic golf swig tips, this is just what you want so that you can get the core mechanics of the game down. What this type of trainer is going to do for you, is enable you to actually hit the ball correctly and with the necessary force. That’s because the Matzie golf swing trainer is made with special grooves down the grip to guide your positioning, but then a bent shaft to also guide the flight of the ball and shaft through the arc of the air, which is really vital.

6) The Balanced Golfer Balance Board

Not everybody realizes just how important balance and putting your legs into the swing are. But you’re going to find that your body is everything, and this golf swing trainer will help you learn that. Having proper balance throughout your turn during the swing is vital, because that’s the only way to get maximum power out of your shot. Just swinging from the arms isn’t enough, and the only way to make a difference is by turning and shifting your body as you hit the ball.

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