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The 7 St. Andrews Golf Courses Every Golfer Needs To Play

A St. Andrews golf experience is the mecca for any fan of the sport. Here are 7 must visit courses to book tee times at if you're planning a vacation to Scotland.

Scotland is the home of golf, and where the game started, grew and was really developed for the first time.  That’s also why it’s home to the world’s oldest and most prestigious golf course, St Andrews.  This is a marquee destination for anyone that’s interested in golf in a serious way, because of all the history that a course like this provides.  What you’re going to find is that it also offers 7 famous golf courses as well.  They each offer something remarkable in terms of both challenge, as well as overall historical significance.  In planning a visit Scotland you really have to see them all, in order to truly experience the game at it’s core roots like you never have before.

1) The Castle Course.

One of the more breathtaking spectacles offered by St Andrews golf experiences, this is actually one of the newer courses.  Just brought into existence in 2008 by the Duke of York looking for a new challenge at St Andrews, this course features a challenging and beautiful landscape like you just won’t find anywhere else.  What’s more, it features a par 71 course which amounts to 5,300 playing yards that you can cover with your friends or family.  The Castle Course also features a world renowned clubhouse overlooking the beautiful landscape of the course as well, so when you’re done playing a round you can relax in luxury.

2) The New Course

Oftentimes remarked to have somewhat of an interesting name considering the new course was built in 1895, this is one of the newer courses at St Andrews relatively speaking.  This is one of your more classic courses with undulating fairways and challenging rolling greens.  What’s more, all 18 holes are designed in the traditional golf shape in which the 18 is located just to the right of the first hole, so that you literally play throughout the entire course to finish where you’ve started. 

3) The Jubilee Course

This Scotland golf course is one of the most difficult that you’ll find in all of St. Andrews, and was actually only a 12 hole course for many years.  You’ll find it to be a grueling mix of par 4 and 5 holes, with very few par 3’s sprinkled throughout.  That means it’s really only the type of place that the most talented and confident of golfers really want to venture, unless you don’t mind a score that you’ll never want to remember come time to leave.

4) The Eden Course

This was the fourth course to be added to St Andrews golf club, because of growing popularity of playing on the three courses previously available at the famous venue.  This is another historically challenging course, and another that awards you with plenty of beautiful highlights of the Scotland countryside.  As a trademark of St Andrews, you’ll also find it to be one of the more challenging venues to play. 

5) The Strathtyrum Course

One of the much newer types of courses available from St Andrews Golf Course, this was actually only added in the 90’s.  While this may not be one of the more legendary types of courses offered in all of Scotland, it is a challenging set of 18 holes that will provide you with a par 72 experience, tailored by 5,620 yards of golfing glory.

6) The Balgove Course.

This is the one executive course offered by St Andrews golf club, and it features 9 holes at 1520 yards, making it a fine par 3 course that’s perfect for a quick outing.  Still providing the beauty and grandeur that you would expect from St. Andrews, you’ll find that this is the perfect experience if you’re not as serious about golf, or if you’re just a beginner out for a good time.

7) The Old Course.

The St. Andrews Old Course is the most legendary course in all of golf, as it’s recognized to be the first and oldest real golf course.  That alone makes it one that everybody needs to play. But what’s more, it also features the most world renown and recognized type of design with it’s world famous enormous greens.  Each hole shares a green with another.  What’s more, golf was first played here in the 1400s, making it one of the first supreme venues that the sport has ever offered.  The favorite course of both Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus, the St. Andrews Old Course is the one experience that everyone who is serious about golf needs to have at some point in their lives.

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