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The Beauty of San Diego Golf Vacations

Thinking of planning a golfing getaway? The year round weather and scenic beauty offered via San Diego golf vacations may appeal to you. Here are some options to consider.

San Diego is one of the truly best places that you can actually visit if you’re a big fan of golf, because of all the different great courses available. This makes for an ideal spot for a golfing vacation, just because of the different types of golf that you’re actually able to play.  In fact, you’re going to find that whether you’re just a casual fan looking to do a little playing, or if you’ve been a golf enthusiast your whole life, San Diego is going to offer just what you need to really have a lot of fun going to all sorts of different courses.

But of course, that also means you have to think about the types of San Diego golf courses you really want to play on.  This way, you can be sure that you’re able to find those fantastic golf getaways that are going to provide the experience that you’re looking for.  There are a few different ways to explore and play the game, so it’s important you find the San Diego golf packages that are going to find you the most enjoyment.

1) Relax on your getaway with San Diego golf resorts.

This is one of the best ways to allow you to relax, because resorts offer everything that you need besides just the golfing, in one convenient place.  In most cases, a resort is going to offer plenty of fantastic dining opportunities, but you’re also going to find that just about every single type of resort is also going to feature a full spa and salon. That way, if you’re traveling with a spouse that isn’t such a big fan of golf, you can ensure that you’re able to go out and visit some of the best San Diego golf courses in the area, while they are pampered by brilliantly trained staff in the arts of relaxation. 

For example, Town and Country Resort in San Diego offers you several different types of golf packages.  This way, you can stay on the resort, and have access to all sorts of fantastic golf facilities at the same time, so that you know you’re really going to be able to enjoy yourself. 

2) Golf in half the time with a great select of 9 hole courses.

If you’re a big fan of golf, but your vacation is more angled towards the other sights that San Diego has to offer, you can’t go wrong with some 9 hole courses.  For this, you’re going to find that San Diego offers plenty of options.

Balboa Park Golf Course

This is a great option when you’re just looking to get in a quick game for fun’s sake, as they offer two different challenge levels on the beautiful 9 hole course.  Just about all the holes are par 3, but they offer a unique ability to pick from two sets of tees, one closer to the hole than the other.  This way, you can play golf on your schedule and ensure that you’re able to bang out a game as quickly as possible.

Sail Ho Golf Course

This is more your style if you’re just looking for that quick blast of San Diego golfing fun, as it’s a very small course, and actually features a par 27 from all holes making it a true par 3 course.  This is perfect for beginners, or those just looking to have a little bit of fun throughout the day.  You can find Sail Ho at

3) San Diego offers plenty of public courses if you’re not looking for a full resort.

If the resort idea is just not one that you’re a fan of for any reason, especially if cost is a concern, there are plenty of public course that you can find that are much more affordable.  Plus you can usually get all sorts of San Diego golf discounts based upon how many people are playing, how many rounds you play, and other such options, making this a big bonus of most courses.  In fact, there are plenty of reputable options to choose from as well including:

Coronado Golf Course is a great place to go if you’re looking for value for money.

At this course, you’ll find that you’re able to play a full round of golf for around $30 during the week, and for $35 on the weekends.  That makes it one of the most affordable options, and ensures that you’re able to bang out a really fun game without having to spend a lot of money to do so.

 Torrey Pines Golf Course is more your style if you want a private club experience.

 This is where you want to go if you want the most club like experience possible, without having to become a member.  However that also means that the fees you will encounter here can be pretty high.  That means you’re going to be looking at $80 if you’re a resident of San Diego, and costs can be in excess of $200 if you are not.

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