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The Best Free Golf Games You Can Find Online

Free golf games can provide some extra fun in between rounds. Here are the best online options at the moment.

When you just can’t get out on the course, or if it’s just not the season for golf, you can’t stop your will to play and that can be a problem.  It can be maddening waiting until you can get out there with friends to whack the ball around again, especially if you’re a major fan of golf.  But with the right types of free golf game simulators, you can ensure that you’re still able to enjoy the core mechanics of the game.  You can challenge yourself in a different way, that still allows you to play golf, and it’s guaranteed to be a lot of fun.

What you’re going to find is that there’s actually a lot of free games like this that you can play online, and they each have something different to offer.  Whether you’re looking for the right free golf game that simulates the game as accurately as possible.  Or if you’re just looking for something fun that you can play whenever you feel like it just to kill some time, there are plenty of great games for that as well.

Here are a few of the top selections that you can find online, and that are totally free to play:

1) Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online

Totally free to play, and you don’t actually even have to download anything really, as you’re able to play the game right inside your internet browser.  The only downside is that it is a subscription service based game, so you will have to pay for certain features.  For example, if you want to be able to play unlimited, you have to pay.  Otherwise you’re restricted to one round per day.  That still provides plenty of fun however, and you’re still able to play that one round totally free, so long as you register with EA the makers of the game.

2) Shot Online 2011

A free to play golf MMO, or Massively Multiplayer Online game.  This is a fantastic game where you’re actually able to meet and compete against other golf lovers just like yourself.  Plus you’ll find that there are real time score updates, so that you can see how you’re performing against everyone else in the world that’s playing at any given time.  It’s a great way to replicate the enjoyment you would have playing a real tournament, and can ensure that you’re able to kill a few hours with some golf fun, even if you can’t actually get out on the green.

3) World Golf Tour Beta

Perhaps one of the best possible browser based games out there, this has the most realistic graphics and controls that you will find this side of a keyboard.  You’ll feel like you’re actually playing golf, expect for the fact that you won’t be swinging any clubs.  Of course, there is a lengthy registration process, which can be a bit annoying.  But you will find that you’re still able to play this free 3D golf game without having to download anything, and no matter what type of computer you have considering it’s a web based game.

4) Candystand MiniGolf

If you want to mix things up a bit, and you would like to try something else besides standard golf, this can be the right choice for you.  Capturing all the challenge and entertainment of minigolf, you’re assured of running into all sorts of fun obstacles that are going to provide you with plenty of challenge as you go across the 18 holes provided.  Although, be prepared to be frustrated at first, as some of the holes can get pretty challenging the further you go into the course.

5) NabiscoWorld Golf

If you don’t mind ads with your golf game, this is an ideal one for you to play. Totally free over the entire 18 holes that are offered by the course.  Plus because it is a web based game you will also find that again there is nothing that you will have to download, in order to play.  Plus there are even two levels of difficulty, ensuring that you can get plenty of challenge from this free golf game.  But what you’re also going to find is that the advertisements can get a bit annoying, because after all it is a game made to sell Nabisco products.

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