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The Best Golf Swing Tips for Beginners

In your pursuit of the best golf swing, these tips for beginners will surely improve your technique.

Getting good at golf is all a matter of developing your swing.  Yes it’s true that most golf equipment is designed to be as easy as possible to use, and computers have been playing the game for us for some time now. But just because that Callaway Big Bertha golf club is made to be more forgiving than ever before, does not mean it’s going to put the ball in the hole for you.  Only you can do that, and it  all starts by developing the best golf swing possible.  There are a few mechanics that you have to consider here, and you’ll find that a surprising amount of factors actually go into the quality of your swing.

You’re going to have to think about form, as well as speed, and even the way that you’re holding the club.  There’s a lot that goes into golfing, and you’ll find that a ton of it can really impact your ability to play the game and succeed, versus playing the game and wanting to lie about your score.  Either way, you’re going to find that you have lots of things to think about, so here are a few tips that are going to help you develop the best golf swing possible for the type of golfer that you will end up becoming:

1) Relax.

The number one problem that most new golfers tend to run into is that they just can’t quite relax, and that’s a major issue because it affects your golf game in a really negative way.  When you’re a bit tense, or you’re too stiff during your swing, it affects the actual motion because you’re holding the club awkwardly and almost are never able to get a maximum connection.  Plus it’s hard for you to put maximum force into the shot, because usually you’re putting strength into the wrong part of the swing.  So one of the top and most simple best golf swing tips you can get, is just to keep calm.

2) You need an athletic golf stance.

What this means is that you can’t just stay static and count on your arms to do the heavy lifting.  That’s a mistake for a few reasons really.  But when you do this you’re limiting yourself and your ability because you’re only going to be able to get the ball to go so far when swinging from the arms.  If you really want to push the ball far down the course you have to swing from the hips just as much if not more.  That means one of your best golf swing instruction tools will be working on your stance.

Ideally you want to ensure that you’re able to power through the swing completely.  This means you’re going to want to ensure that you’re able to actually completely power through the ball, and make it fly by pushing from your legs and hips as much as your shoulders and arms.  That’s why golfers pivot, and you want to ensure that your core is fit enough to pivot with plenty of power.

3) Choose a comfortable golf grip.

A big part of the best golf swing for your style, is getting a grip that feels natural and comfortable for you.  Another major mistake that people make is thinking it’s all about how you hold the grip, but it’s also about how the grip feels.  If you want one that’s more tight and that doesn’t shift a lot, that’s one thing.  Then others may prefer a bit of a softer touch, for more finesse on the ball.  You have to find something that really feels natural, so that you’re able to hit the ball about as naturally as possible.

4) Speed.

Finally, the speed at which you’re actually swinging the club is also vital.  You have to figure this out for two reasons, one so that you can actually swing the club as hard as possible, but then two you need to know what type of shaft flex you need.  This way, you can select a stiff shaft if you swing fast for a more pure connection, or you can go with one that has a more flexible body to improve the speed and impact of your shot.


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