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The Best Methods For Buying Cheap Golf Balls

Balls come and go in a flash, especially on the driving range. Here are some money saving tips that can help you find cheap golf balls.

Finding ways to get cheap golf balls is a necessity so that you can keep your golfing trips affordable, especially when you’re just starting out.  Most of the trouble with golfing, especially as a beginner is just the cost of equipment, like balls, that you’re just likely to lose anyway.  That’s because as you’re learning you’re going to find that you hit a lot of balls who knows where, that you’re probably not likely to see again.  With the right type of cheap golf balls though, you can be sure that you’re able to keep your golfing games affordable, until you’re good enough to buy the high end balls without having to worry.

When you’re looking for the right types of cheap golf solutions like these, there are a few things that you can do to really lower the cost of the balls that you buy.  Whichever technique you use is really up to you, but it can depend upon the quality of the product that you’re getting, or the initial cost that you can expect for your equipment.  But there are plenty of ways that you can get great balls at much lower rates than you would expect to pay otherwise.

1) Try buying recycled balls

These are most typically balls that have been found somewhere on a golf course, that are then washed up and repackaged to be sold again.  That makes them much more affordable, and typically ensures that they are not going to be sold for the full price that you would normally expect.  You can also find a great selection of all the best balls this way as well.  For example, you can get a ton of Titleist, Nike and other top brands of balls, all for just a few cents per ball. 

Of course, what you’re also going to find is that sometimes the quality of the equipment is somewhat lacking. Because the balls are used, they are not going to last as long for you, and they could have problems lurking on the inside, just waiting to bust out when you try to play with them.  Any type of golf ball that’s been whacked around a lot is bound to break eventually, and you’re going to find that used balls are always going to break sooner rather than later, and that’s not something everyone wants to have to deal with.

 2) Buying wholesale golf balls can be a great way to get new ones on the cheap

This is a method where you order a ton of balls in the same way that a store or pro club shop would, so that you can get them at factory direct prices, instead of the markup that you’ll find at a local golf shop.  This way, you can get name brand balls that are guaranteed to have all the quality you would expect.  Plus in some cases you can even get them cheaper in per ball terms, than you would find with other methods like purchasing used balls. 

But wholesale golf balls are not without their problems as well, as you’re going to find that you have to buy a ton in order to get the right type of price.  You basically have to place an order like a store would, and that means you could be getting well more balls than you’ll use up in some time.  So unless you plan on using the same type for some time, or if you plan on going into the purchase with a friend or two, you’re going to find that this isn’t always going to be worth the money in the end.

3) Steering clear of name brand golf balls.

One of the best ways to find truly cheap golf balls is just to go with brands that aren’t used quite so commonly.  Instead of getting those professional Nike tour quality balls, go with Wilson.  They may not be quite so good from a product development standpoint, but if you’re a beginner you won’t notice the difference, and you’ll find that you’re paying a fraction of the price for the privilege. Plus you can always look for other alternatives to these cheap golf balls if you do find that you are ready to take your game to the next level.

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