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The Best Michigan Golf Packages For The 2011 Season

Here are a few of our favorite Michigan golf packages for the upcoming year. Take a look and see if any interest you.

Taking a vacation in Michigan is a great idea if you’re a fan of golf, as they have plenty of golf courses and fantastic deals to ensure that you’re able to really save some money and still get some great golfing done.  In fact, golf vacations packages in Michigan can be your key to ensuring you’re able to play all you want without having to pay what most vacations demand for as much golf.  That’s key in enjoying your trip, and just ensuring that you’re able to practice or get better at the game on the whole.  There are a lot of Michigan golf packages out there to consider as well, so you can be sure that you’re going to find something guaranteed.

When you’re looking for the most ideal type of package, you’re going to find that there are always a ton of options, but you want to have a few standard set.  That means you want to figure out just where you’re going to be traveling, in addition to when.  This will help you figure out what’s out there for the time period that you’re going to be in Michigan, or can help you find upcoming deals so that you can time your trip that much better.  But no matter what types of Michigan golf packages you’re most interested in, utilizing Michigan’s official tourism website is always your best bet.

1) Always do your searching on

The best place to find literally any type of golfing excursion or opportunity is always going to be through the state’s official tourism website.  Here you’re going to find a ton of tools that can aide you in determining when you want to travel, as well as how much you can expect things to cost.  Plus it’s an ideal place to pick out literally any type of vacation package.  Whether you’re looking for a golf, sporting, or even spa and swimming package, you can be sure you’re able to identify the most ideal vacation.

2) Picking the right type of package.

There are a ton of different types of packages on offer from the Michigan tourism website, but you’re going to find some may be more suitable than others.  That’s why you want to break down the most popular options for the season, to determine which are really going to suit you the most.  Here are a few of the top types of golf vacation packages in Michigan that you’ll find anywhere:

-$99 Golf Package

Available from the Tree Tops Resort, this is the best way to get in some golfing and find a nice place to stay without having to spend a ton of money on your accommodations.  What you get here is a great location for the night, and a round of golf on their 18 hole championship quality course.  In fact, you can extend the package for as long as you would like, at just $99 per night and round.

-Sherwood Forest & Ravines Golf Club Midweek Package.

If you want to stay in the lap of luxury but you can’t afford the normal prices that this would demand, this is the right type of package for you.  What you get is access to this quality golf club, and also the ability to play a round of golf on their championship Arnold Palmer signature golf course.  That means quality like you wouldn’t believe, at a price that you just couldn’t get otherwise.

-Harbor Beach Corporate Conference Golf Packages.

These are really ideal if you’re planning on taking the company with you to travel, for team building exercises or just for brainstorming missions.  No matter the purposes, you’re going to find high quality accommodations, meeting rooms as well as championship golf all around. That way, you can get in a good mix of pleasure and fun as well as working done.

3) Make sure you stay flexible.

Finally, the main key to getting Michigan golf packages that are totally affordable, is just staying totally flexible.  Compare different dates, and look for the packages that allow you to stay midweek, because they usually shave hundreds off the price of staying on a weekend.  This way, you can be sure that you’re still getting luxury, but at a price that won’t have your bank account struggling for air.

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