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The Best Michigan Golf Resorts To Guarantee a Great Vacation

Believe it or not, there are some Michigan golf resorts that are worthy of a trip. Here are our favorites, broken down by region.

Determining where to stay on a vacation is about as important as anything else that you’re going to be doing.  If you don’t have a great location picked out, that’s going to provide you with all the amenities that you seek throughout your trip, you’re going to find a lot of disappointments when you’re not out golfing. That’s why you want to look up the best possible Michigan golf resorts for the part of Michigan in which you will be staying.  Whether it’s in the northern part of the state, central or southern, you want to be sure that you’re choosing amongst the best possible resorts in the area, to ensure you have a great vacation.

What you’re going to find is that you want to be sure each location can offer you plenty of excitement.  That means ensuring they have full spas so that you can really relax and get all the pampering you need.  But also ensure there are other great things to do as well.  Whether it’s dining, as well as shopping, or anything else of the like. Of course, it can also be essential that you find the right type of Michigan golf resorts that also feature championship golf, because that’s the whole point of the trip anyways.

1) If you’re staying in northern Michigan, here are some of your best resorts:

-Garland Resort.

One of the few resorts to receive such a high rating, this is a AAA Diamond rated four season hotel, meaning you can expect the utmost in terms of quality, no matter what you could want out of a temporary residence.  You’ll find deluxe rooms, as well as 72 holes of championship golf. They also feature different sets of tees as well, so that you can ensure that you’re able to tee off wherever is the best spot for your handicap.

-Marsh Ridge

One of the more beautiful Michigan golf resorts, this is where you want to go if you really want to see the true beauty of the Midwest at work.  Here you’re going to see breathtaking landscapes, as well as resort packages that cater to any group of travelers.  Whether you’re looking for an executive business package, an ideal family golf deal, or even a romantic getaway, they’ve got you covered.

2) Central Michigan golf resorts

-Doherty Hotel

One of the much better locations if you’re looking for a great place to travel.  This Michigan travel golf resort features all the amenities you could want, with a full size Olympic indoor pool, as well as indoor Jacuzzis and even two fine dining restaurants.  Plus you’ll also get all the championship golf that you could want, for the comfortable mix of luxury and true sporting glory.

-Riverwood Resort

Boasting a 27 hole championship setting, this is one of the more challenging golfing outings you can have in all of Michigan.  Here you’re going to find varying difficultly as well, making them some of the most adaptable Michigan golf courses throughout the entire state.  You’ll be able to tackle a five or four par hole in all it’s full challenging glory, or you can also change them into a 3 par with a few of the forward tees as viable options.

3) Southern Michigan golf resorts

-Eagle Crest Conference Resort

Meeting business clients in the right type of setting to get them loosened up and willing to fall to your corporate strategies and offerings is important.  Eagle Crest affords you just that with fantastic comfortable meeting rooms and settings, as well a fantastic challenging executive golf.  That way, you get the best of both worlds with quality business accommodations that ensure the best possible corporate trip.

-Gull Lake View Golf Club & Resort

Boasting several championship style 18 hole courses, this is a resort that you can count on providing you with the home away from home experience.  That’s because they boast full size villas that you can rent, with two bedrooms or more.  Plus they feature full service kitchens and plenty of cozy living space.  There’s also the East Course Grill to ensure that you can dine out whenever opportunity strikes, with quality food that you’re really going to enjoy after a good round of golf.

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