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The Best Places To Stay For The Perfect Pine Meadow Golf Experience

The Pine Meadow Golf Club is one of the top courses in the country. It's worth a trip there, and here are the best places to consider staying.

Illinois is actually one of the best places that you can go to experience golf in the entire US.  With the fantastic Pine Meadow Golf Club, and other great championship courses all throughout the area, there are really a lot of great places to go golfing. However, you also have to think about the other component of your trip, which is finding the right place to stay.  Without staying in the right place, you’re going to find that you’re not having as much fun as you could be, once the golf outing is over, and that’s not really something that anybody wants.

But there are a plethora of resorts and spas in the area that can provide you with just the brand of relaxation that you could want throughout your vacation.  Finding the perfect spot to relax is really important, so that you can leave your trouble at the door, and really just allow your body to release and enjoy your vacation.  With these top locations, you can guarantee that type of vacation, and ensure that you’re going to be feeling more relaxed than you ever have before:

1) Hilton Chicago Resort

Visiting a Hilton is always going to guarantee a top quality experience, no matter where you are.  They are a brand that really stands above the rest, and just about virtually guarantees that you’re going to be able to relax and just enjoy your time.  They offer a massive selection of rooms, whether you’re going for the affordable or the luxurious.  Plus you’re also going to find as a complete part of the package, an award winning spa in addition to several world class bars as well as restaurants for all your enjoyment needs.

2) Eaglewood Resort and Spa

What you get here is the largest spa environment that you’ll find in all of Illinois, as the Eaglewood resort features 10,000 square feet of health spa enjoyment guaranteed to recharge the senses.  Moreover, you also have close access to the Pine Meadow golf course, which is just a quick jaunt away from your location.  Moreover, Eaglewood also features it’s own championship course as well, which gives you more golfing for the money.

3) Lincolnshire Marriot Resort

Just as with the Hilton, a big name in quality hotels like Marriot is going to provide you with a great experience that you can count on to provide you with something to remember.  The hotel may not feature a full service spa like other accommodations, but they do still feature a full service health and fitness center, to ensure that you can still get some exercise done throughout the day, to really be able to enjoy your stay.  Moreover, you’ll also find that they feature wireless internet, and as a staple of the experience rooms that are outfitted with comfortable furniture and HDTVs for all of your home style enjoyment when you’re in the room.

4) Pheasant Run Resort

One of the closest resorts to the Chicago area, this is the most ideal place for you to stay if you’re looking for real downtown Chicago fun mixed along with your golf.  Boasting their own championship golf course as well, this is just a quick drive away from Pine Meadow golf club, meaning that there will be a lot less travel time and much more relaxation time.  They also feature a full spa, kids club, as well as two movie theaters so that you can ensure you’re really able to enjoy your stay to the maximum.  That gives you plenty of opportunities for activities, and ensures that you can take along the kids without worrying about how you can keep them entertained.

But of course, you can also check great reviews on all of these Illinois resorts online, if you’re still having trouble figuring out which is going to be the best for you.  Through great sites like, as well you can compare reviews written by real users that have visited the locations.  That way, you can compare which seems the best based upon a numerical rating, as well as real input from guests who can tell you what it was like to stay at the resort, or what you can expect from all the great activities.


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