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The Best Private and Public Las Vegas Golf Courses

Sin City is a true golfing mecca, with both private and public Las Vegas golf courses spread throughout the surrounding area.

Golf is such a brilliant sport because practically anyone can play, and have fun doing so.  But a part of that beauty is where you play, which is why finding the most beautiful courses possible is really the way to go.   The benefit of a place like famous Las Vegas, is that there are so many different styles of courses, you can find somewhere to play no matter the experience that you’re looking for.  But of course, you have to know which sorts of golf courses Las Vegas has to offer, so that you can create your own perfect vacation experiences.

In some cases finding the right course can be a matter of cost, which is why public Las Vegas golf courses offer you so many great opportunities.  The main difference between a public course and a private type, is that anyone can get a tee time at a public club.   Plus, many public courses offer you fantastic vacation packages that allow you to stay for the weekend, or an entire week nearby so that you can begin everyday of your vacation with a relaxing game of gold.  But you do want to find the right ones, that are reputable enough to ensure your golfing experience is going to be like no other. 

That’s why you want to look for really fantastic public courses like the Angel Park Golf Club, which you can visit at  This is one of the best Vegas has to offer, because it’s a 36 hole behemoth that offers an ideal experience for anyone.  Boasting two 18 hole courses designed by Arnold Palmer himself, with a mountain course as well as a palm course of par 71 and 70 respectively.  Of course you can also go with other reputable clubs like the  Bai Hai Golf Course which offers you 18 holes, and 6,994 yards of 70 par golfing glory, open to the public.  You can book a tee time, or look at different guest packages through their website at

But of course, a private Las Vegas golf course may be more your style if you’re looking to avoid the large crowds as well as the quick pace at which you’ll have to play.  The only major problem with a public course is just that you can feel a bit rushed, as you have to go through each hole in a reasonable amount of time so that the people behind you will be able to play.   But typically this is not an issue with a private course, and they can be the best way to go when you really want to enjoy yourself.

Plus there are all sorts of fantastic private courses that you can find to make the most out of your trip.  Take the South Shore Golf Club for example, which offers an 18 hole Par 71 course with almost 7,000 yards of playing distance.  You’ll also find that they feature a fantastic lake for beach activities as well, even yachting or fishing also, so that you can really mix up your enjoyment of your vacation.  Otherwise, if you’re just looking for a shorter golf experience, you can also go with the Spanish Trail Golf & Country Club which offers two 9 hole courses, so that you can fit in a quick game before the rest of your daily activities.  You can find the Jack Nicklaus designed South Shore course at, and Spanish Trail through

Of course, not everyone has time for a full golf game on public or private courses, so it can be great to find a par 3 Las Vegas course as well.  Par 3 courses are all specially designed so that no hole is more than a 3 stroke difficulty, so that you can get through a game really quickly.  Great courses like Durango Hills for example, offers several holes of varying par 3 difficultly of up to 130 yards to just under 400.  Plus they have a lighted fairway so that you can even play at nighttime, and avoid those stifling desert temperatures at the same time. 

Just remember that when you’re looking to book any of these great public and private Las Vegas golf courses, you have to be prepared.  For a public course you want to call in advance as early as possible, to be sure that you can book the most convenient times for you to visit during your planned vacation period.  For a private course you’re going to find that the rules are different however.  You typically need to be with a member, or sometimes you have the option to play the course while realistically considering membership as well.

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