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The Best Used Golf Drivers From 2010 You Need To Check Out

These used golf drivers were all made in 2010, meaning that they still feature state of the art technology.

Now that it’s 2011, all the new drivers are busy rolling off the assembly line, and that leaves plenty of chances for great sales open, on the 2010 line.  The golfers that need to have the latest supplies will all be looking to sell or trade in their older clubs, so that they can get a deal on the 2011s or just make room for them in their golf bags.  That means it’s ample opportunity for you to take advantage by hunting down those used golf drivers for almost half off what they would have cost you a year ago.  Plus you’d be amazed at how little use some of them have seen, and so long as they come from a good brand you can be confident that they’re going to last you a wonderfully long time.

But you also want to know what models were top of the line that year, so you’re going to be looking at the best golf drivers 2010 had to offer period.  This way you can get a feel for what’s actually worth the money, and what’s actually going to be worth the investment of your time and effort as well, for you to actually play golf.  There are plenty of drivers out there, but only a few from 2010 that truly stood above the rest.  You’re going to find that these used golf drivers are the ones you want to go for first, and that are going to offer you the most quality:

1) Adams Speedline Fast 10

They are extremely easy to swing, and you’re going to find that naturally fast design is what makes them so key when you’re trying to hit any ball. You’ll find that they just fly right out of your swing and down onto the ball, and the massive aggressive sound that you get out of your shot is going to really make you feel confident that you’ve smashed it every single time.

2) Callaway Diablo Edge Tour

Another one of your more ideal used golf drivers, just because it’s one that you don’t have to battle when it comes to cocking back and really letting fly.  Some drivers can have a degree of difficulty because of the head shape, that makes it really hard for you to connect with the ball, but not with a Diablo Edge, as the generous club face makes it easy for anybody to get a prime connection.

3) Nike VR Str8 Fit Tour

There’s only one word to describe the feeling of how the ball is going to blast off of the club face here, and it is explosion.  You can expect this to really force the ball off the tee, and you’ll be amazed the force that you can put behind your club.  The absolute utmost when you’re looking for quality used Nike golf equipment, and the top driver that you’re going to look at before you even assess anything else from the same line.

4) Ping G15

This is a more ideal type of club for those that tend to hit a bit off center, or for those that are looking to find their range.  What you’re going to find is that the club puts more weight into the back of the head, so they are still easy to swing, but it’s more forgiving when you end up making contact.  Therefore these are great used Ping golf drivers that you want to search for if you’re a beginner, or if you’re starting out with a high handicap and are working your way down.

5) TaylorMade R9

The big bonus here is that there are moveable weights for the club head, and you’ll find that this is a major bonus for a few reasons actually.  Basically this gives you the opportunity that no other used golf drivers really have, and that is the chance for you to shift the weght based upon your swing.  Looking for a bit of forgiveness?  Then go with weights pushed further back in the head. Or do you want to get the most out of a shot?  Then you can change the layout of this used TaylorMade driver to have more weight in the front for more explosion.


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