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The Best Ways to Get Cheap Golf Tee Times

Who doesn't love a round of golf on a beautiful course? Unfortunately, it can cost a pretty penny. Follow these tips for securing cheap golf tee times.

Golfing vacations are a fantastic way to explore all sorts of beautiful locales the world over, while playing one of the best sports around in the most relaxing atmosphere possible. However, golfing in exotic locales is also going to cost you, as many courses do not come cheap.  But when you know how to shop for your cheap golf tee times, you can be sure that you’re able to visit all sorts of the top clubs worldwide, and get the cheapest possible fees you could imagine.   Here are the tips that can make all the difference when you’re looking to avoid those high costs and find true cheap golf green fees: 

1)      Always book your vacation as early as possible.

It’s a fact that booking your vacation earlier is always better, because you can usually get better deals just by making your reservations that much earlier.  Clubs always like when they know you’re coming so that they can make the reservation well in advance.  But what’s more, there are all sorts of last minute fees you can encounter when you’re trying to get cheap tee times actually on the vacation.  You can always get a deal the earlier you can make your reservations, so always make your plans as early as you possibly can. 

2)      Avoid the more private golf oriented clubs

Something else that you want to do is avoid the private clubs.  There are many private clubs that provide public tee times, but they do so at an extremely high rate.  What you’re going to find with just about every private club is that you’re not going to be able to find rates below $100 to a few hundred dollars just for one round.   But by going through public courses, you can typically find much better rates, because they are legally required to charge much more competitive and fair prices. 

For the average public club you’re going to be able to get away with paying around $30 to $50 on most courses the nationwide, making these extremely affordable cheap golf green fees, making them an affordable way for anyone to golf.  That way, you can afford to play on the course, you can afford a golf cart for a more relaxing experience, and you can even afford a club rental if you don’t have your own, in most cases. 

3)      Look for golf course deals at golf resorts.

If you’re vacationing specifically for golf, think about spending your trip at a golf resort.  These tend to be the best places to stay when you’re looking for real golf experiences.  Not only are the resorts themselves fantastic places for you to stay, but they are also going to provide you with discounts for all the surrounding courses.  If you’re willing to commit to a few rounds in advance, you can oftentimes get to play multiple extra rounds totally for free.  While planning ahead, remember that the rewards are always going to be great for reasons such as these. 

4)      Try booking your cheap golf tee times online

In the information age, companies are always after ways that they can save money, while still making services very available for customers.  But they are also looking for ways to save money by making services available online.  Through many courses, you can actually save a ton of money by booking your tee times online. This way, they get to save money by not having an employee tied up to take your reservation, and those savings go right into the cheap green fees that you can get for your initiative.  

5)      Always time your golfing days carefully

Playing on a weekend is more convenient for everyone, and the course is likely to be more booked up. That means you’re going to have to pay much more for the privilege.  That’s why it can make all the difference in your fees, when you choose to play during the week, instead of on the weekend and especially instead of on any holidays.  You’ll find that weekly fees are significantly reduced, and are going to get you cheap golf tee times that you just wouldn’t believe otherwise.  That’s cheap golf that you can still enjoy, and that can have you saving money, while you’re enjoying your vacation. 

It can also help to browse some top cheap golf websites as well, when you’re looking for truly cheap golf tee times.  Through sites like and you can find all sorts of great rates all over the USA.

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