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The Components of Golf Club Fitting

Golf club fitting for experienced players offers a custom experience to play on the needs of their game. Here are the factors you'll need to consider when selecting your specs.

When you’re a serious golfer, you need to have golf club fitting performed for your handicap, so that you can be sure you have clubs that are specially made for how you play the game.  This dictates entirely how a club behaves, and is a necessity on finding the right set so that you can get the most out of your golf game.  You’re going to find that there are quite a few categories dictating just what goes into a golf club fitting, so it’s important to have an idea of what to expect beforehand.

Finding custom clubs is really a matter of finding those that conform to the way that you play the game, in literally every single part of your form, and body type.  It’s important that you have clubs made for how you swing, how much power you have, your height, and your grip.  That means there are a few things that you’re going to have figured out, during a session.  For a brief golf club fitting guide, there are the steps you can count on going through:

1) Your height is important to the club you buy.

The standard size of club shaft, is made for the average height of both men and women.  For men’s golf gear, the standard height is considered to be 5 feet ten inches.  For women, it’s five inches shorter.  That means these clubs are made for people of that height, but if you’re significantly taller, or shorter, you’re going to need a shaft of a different size.  Typically this means you want to look into new clubs if you happen to fall 6 inches more or less in any direction.  Otherwise the way that you’re able to play golf is likely affected by the size of your shaft.

2) Shaft flex needs to be assessed during a fitting.

This is the amount of flexibility that the shaft features, which can be different from golfer to golfer, based upon how you swing.  There are a few different types of shafts out there from the really flexible, to the mid level of flexibility, to those that are extremely stiff as well.  The type that you need depends upon your swing.  If you swing with a lot of power, typically it’s better to have a less flexible shaft because you already generate a lot of swing strength.  But if you have a less powerful swing that means you’re going to need a more flexible club, to generate that much more power.

3) Club loft is also of vital importance.

This is the actual angle that the face of your club will take, so that you can be sure it’s perfectly set up for your natural form.  Depending upon your stance, height, as well as swing type, you’re going to find that having the face of your club at a different angle is more important, so that you can swing more naturally.  That’s why clubs come in all different designs this way, so you can be sure they are custom made to work for your golf game, and make you a better golfer.

4) Type of golf club shaft.

This is more about cost than anything else, as there are a lot of different types of shafts out there.  You can find that you’ll be able to choose from things like titanium, as well as steel, and other metals like graphite as well.  The main difference just being in terms of the overall cost that you can expect.  Things like steel are going to tend to be a bit cheaper, but then going with titanium clubs or even graphite is always going to cost you a bit more, as  they can provide slightly better flexibility performance.

In any case, finding the right type of online golf club fitting guide can also help you in your search for the right clubs.  That’s where sites like can be invaluable for providing you with step by step online guides for finding the right types of clubs for you as well as the perfect resource for ordering those to your exact specifications. This way it’s all the easier to have your golf club fitting performed at your convenience.

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