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The Doral Golf Resort and Spa: The Perfect Family Vacation Spot

If you're a golfing enthusiast and planning a trip to Miami, the Doral Golf Resort and Spa is a top notch choice that offers something for everyone.

Coming up with the perfect golfing vacation ideas is hard, especially when you want to ensure you’re able to go golfing a lot, even when you’re traveling with non-golfers.  On a trip with the whole family, it’s important to pick a location that can be fun for everyone, and that also offers plenty of golfing locales.  That’s where Doral Golf Resort and Spa can be one of the best choices you can make, because of everything that they have on offer.

What you’re going to find with a resort like this, is that you can get just about any type of vacation experience that you want, so that there’s guaranteed to be something for everyone.  Whether you’re looking for fantastic food, a relaxing pampered stay, or if you’re after the best golfing Miami Florida has to offer, there’s plenty for everyone.  In fact you can even break down all of Doral Golf Resort and Spa’s facilities and how they will best serve everyone: 

1) Doral Resort is located in the area of 5 quality golf courses.

You’re going to find that you can choose amongst five fantastic PGA tour quality golf courses at Doral Resort, so that you’re going to have plenty of golfing options to choose from.  This way, you can go on a veritable golfing tour, and ensure that you don’t have to travel too far from where you’re staying in order to do so, making the trip just that much more fun and convenient.  The championship courses include:

                -The McLean Course, designed by Jim McLean himself.

                -The Great White Course, designed by Greg Norman

                -The Gold Course, designed by Raymond Floyd

                -The Red Course, designed by Dick Wilson

                -And of course, the TCP Blue Monster at Doral, designed by Dick Wilson

Each are considered championship quality, and are going to provide you with a golfing experience like no other. 

2) There are many examples of culinary excellence right on Doral Resort’s location.

If you’re a big fan of food, or just want to eat some fantastic treats while you’re on vacation, you’re going to be able to find plenty of options.  On location, Doral offers eight different eateries for you to attend, right outside your backdoor.  This way you can choose amongst several bars, grilles, cafes and even find dining.  That way you’re assured there is a flavor for every member of the family to really be able to enjoy. 

3) Spa relaxation as can only be delivered by Doral Resort.

One thing that you’re going to find is selling a golfing vacation to a spouse that’s not a big fan, can be pretty hard.  But selling a full spa and salon relaxation getaway is much easier, because everyone loves being truly pampered like this.  You’ll find that Doral Resort and Spa features a fully serviced spa, with sauna and plenty of pool areas, along with all the other amenities that you would expect from a relaxing stay at a spa.  What’s more, you’re also going to find that the spa features it’s own guest rooms, restaurants, fitness areas, and anything else you could want, so that you literally never have to leave. 

4) Learn about golf in between your relaxation with the Jim McLean golf school.

This school is offered exclusively by Doral Resort and Spa, and ensures that you’re going to be able to get plenty of lessons into the finer points of your game that you would like to shape up. With flexible class schedules and pricing, you can be sure that you’re able to get just the instruction that you really want, so that you can leave as a much better golfer than when you first arrived. 

5) No worrying about the kids with Camp Doral.

Doral Resort also offers a full kid section, where you don’t have to worry about your youngsters having a good time.  You can simply drop them off at Camp Doral where they can have fun with all sorts of other children from the area, and you’re free to relax at the spa for a few hours, or go golfing on any one of the five championship courses.

If you’re interested in a Doral Resort and Spa vacation, visiting the company website is easiest for making your reservations.  You can find the legendary PGA resort online at

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