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The Many Advantages Of Buying Lost Golf Balls

Buying lost golf balls over new ones will put some extra money in your pocket while providing the perfect form of practice gear.

Golf equipment can be pretty expensive, so it’s something that you’re going to want to be able to save on, anywhere that you can.  Whether you’re talking about the types of balls that you use, or the types of clubs themselves, you want to find ways that you can spend less and get more in return. That’s why buying lost golf balls is such a great concept, because they enable you to outfit yourself with all the balls you could want to play the game, without having to worry about the cost that comes alongside. Plus you can buy a lot more for a lot less, so it won’t even matter if you’re an historically bad golfer that has a lot of trouble around water hazards.

Of course, something else that you’re going to find when it comes to lost golf balls, is that these are actually previously used balls.  That means they were actually found on a golf course, hence the term, as they were lost by another golfer.  Frequently, golf country clubs as well as golf retailers will collect these, or buy them up, so that they can be resold for lower than new ball prices, but still high enough that they’re able to make money, considering it costs nothing to find them.  But here are a few reasons they can be the right choice for anyone after some cheap golf equipment:

1) Used golf balls are cheap.

Of course, the largest advantage presented by these type of balls is just that they provide you with the opportunity to save money.  Because they are found, and they cost the people that hunt them down nothing in order to buy, you can get them at near wholesale prices.  That means you’re basically paying what the store would have to pay in order to acquire them for resale.  That saves you a ton of money, and ensures that you’re able to avoid the annoyance that is marked up balls, that you’re only going to lose when it comes time to play.

2) You can still get great brands.

The golfers that lose balls are not limited to just those that use generics.  But rather, you’re going to find there to be tons of different types of lost golf balls out there from top brands like Nike, Titleist, and everything else of the sort.  This way, you can still get quality at the fraction of the price of even generic brand new balls.  This way, you can play with quality balls that are above the level you would normally get, so long as you do know where to shop for them.

3) Many balls perfect for practice and round play.

Whether you’re looking for lost golf balls that are going to be ideal for training, or for round play, you can find plenty of options.  That can mean going with those that are yellow or orange, so they’re ideal for driving range practice.  Or you can also find those that feature true tour construction, even those with soft shells for maximum green control.

4) You can also buy in bulk.

A major advantage of lost golf balls is that you can buy massive amounts at prices that you just would not be able to find otherwise.  Just buying a mere set of 12 balls from most top brands is going to cost you anywhere from $12 to $50 per box.  But getting the right set of used golf balls is going to be a fraction of that price, and you can get three times as many as well.  That virtually guarantees that you can outfit yourself with enough equipment for yourself, or you and all of your friends as well.

5) Shopping online presents even more opportunities.

Whether you’re looking to save money when you’re buying in bulk, or if you’re looking to find a larger amount of brands than you could find otherwise, there are a ton of opportunities presented by sites like or even as well.  Plus in most cases on many sites you can actually get free shipping as well, which is going to guarantee that you’re able to save that much more money, without taking the hit in terms of how much you’ll have to pay extra.

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