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The Pros and Cons of Callaway Big Bertha Irons

Callaway Big Bertha irons are one of the most popular club options in the sport. They're not for everyone though. Are they for you? Well, let's review the pros and cons.

Picking the right type of iron for your golfing needs is really important, so naturally you want to turn to a trusted name like Callaway for your clubs.  But deciding on the right type can be really difficult, just because there are so many out there.  Callaway really first sprang onto the market and came into prominence because of the performance of their Big Bertha clubs.  These are usually the way to go when you’re starting out, but that’s not always so. There are some pretty important pros and cons that you want to weight up before committing to a purchase.

This is because of what you can expect from the performance of an iron like this, versus what you might expect from a different brand.  It’s a good idea to prepare yourself for what you’re going to get out of Callaway Big Bertha irons, so that you know you’re making the right choice for your golfing needs.  First up, the pros on why a Big Bertha could be the right choice for you:

                -These Irons are built to push the ball further than most.

When you need an iron that can really push the ball far, it’s important that you have something that provides you with that power, and Callaway Big Bertha golf clubs are going to be it.  That’s because they are tailor made for powering through a shot because of their rigid and durable steel construction.  Few other clubs feature the same type of design, or can compete with what they offer because of this.

                -Larger club face makes for a larger sweet spot.

Adjusting to the difficulty of hitting the ball head on the club face is really hard at first, and it’s something that a lot of golfers take a while to get good with.  But by getting a Big Bertha driver or iron, or really any type of club, you’re going to find that they have a much larger face.  This ensures that you can hit the ball dead on each time, and get a feel for your natural swing better than most clubs allow.

                -Advanced loft means more trajectory.

Another style standard of Callaway Big Bertha irons is that they feature more loft on the face of the club than you might be used to at first.  But this can be really advantageous as well.  Because they have that much more loft, the ball is going to fly a lot higher with less effort, making it easy to pop the ball up over and around obstacles with relative ease.

Of course, with the positives of any golf clubs, there are going to be some negatives, so it’s important you keep that in mind. 

                -Shots can be shanked easily in some cases.

Depending upon your swing, especially with the Callaway Big Bertha X12, you have the potential to shank the ball wide with each shot.  That’s because of the rigidity of the shaft, and the steel construction.  If anything in your motion is off, the steel is going to be a lot less forgiving than a shaft with some more flex, and that can be a problem if you don’t have perfect form.

                -Loft trajectory can provide too much power.

Because of the advanced trajectory due to the Big Bertha’s natural loft, sometimes you can end up driving the ball too far down the course.  The whole point of an iron is to have some degree of control, so that you can put some spin on the ball and have it plop right down on the green where you want it to go.  Sometimes these clubs are not as likely to allow you to do this, because of how far they like to drive the ball.

                -Expensive price point.

Another thing that can detract new golfers at least, is how much a Callaway Big Bertha is going to cost you.  These are going to be well into the hundreds of dollars for a set, and will cost you a few hundred just for one or two.  That’s some serious money, so make sure you’re able to give them a try before settling on a pair, or else you could end up with clubs that just don’t make the cut in your opinion, and that have cost you a fortune to acquire.

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