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The Top 6 International Golf Courses Just Opened In The Last Four Years

For lovers of our sport, been a development boom around the world in recent years. Here are the best six new international golf courses, all less than four years old.

Golfing around the world is really the only way for you to experience the game that it was made to be experienced.  That’s because you get a more cultured view of the game, as you experience different takes on championship golf courses, in all sorts of different countries.  Plus getting outside of the US is always fun, and if you’re a golfer you always want to find more places to play.  Here are some of the best international golf opportunities that you’ll find the world over:

1) The Castle Course, St Andrews Scotland

Any international golf vacation needs to start in Scotland, because it’s the birthplace of golf.  Plus St. Andrews is the number one place to play, considering it’s home to the world’s oldest still used golf course.  You’re going to find that the Castle Course presents a more modern and challenging design, and actually only opened in 2008 for the first time.  That means St. Andrews has something really new to offer you if you’ve never been, or if you just haven’t been for some time, and that makes it a well more than worthwhile golf excursion for you to take.

2) Mission Hills Haiku, China

One of the best international golf courses you’ll find anywhere in the world includes China’s latest edition to Mission Hills.  What you’re going to find here is a par of 73 and a distance of 7,800 yards. You’ll find this to be a really unique black lava rock carved course, that’s bound to provide you with fantastic challenging bunkers as well as sparse vegetation.  This is a beautiful course with a very unique type of design, that’s going to ensure you get everything you could want out of your golf game.

3) Yas Links, Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates

This is a course that needs to be played, if only for the fact that it’s a true testament to what you men can actually do with the latest technology available for constructing a golf course.  That’s because Yas Links exists along a coast that did not exist until a few years ago.  Featuring an especially unique design that’s truly golf, and that was literally hand crafted for the game, it’s an 18 hole experience that you need to try out at least once in your lifetime.  Just the concept alone should be enough to get you to book your ticket to the UAE.

4) Lubker Golf, Denmark

A more unique type of international golf course which provides you with an opportunity to choose just how you want to play, this is a 27 hole course that provides plenty of challenge. You’re able to mix and match and choose just how you want to play your game.  That way, you can be sure that you’re able to pick out the type of challenge that’s going to ensure your trips there will keep being more and more unique.

5) Rowallan Castle Golf Club, Scotland

An extremely classic Scottish design, you’re going to find this course to have about the same type of feel that you would have expected were you to be golfing right around the time that the sport was first born.  While that may not sound too appealing to you, it’s actually quite refreshing, and you’ll find that playing on the Rowallan Castle course is going to give you a much more classic golf feeling that you’ll relish every moment of.  The picturesque Scottish farmland setting only adds to the aura, making this a trip worthy of any time not spent at St. Andrews.

6) Corales at Punta Cana Resort & Golf Club, Dominican Republic

If you’re looking for a truly modern design from your international golf, and one that’s going to be plenty challenging, this is the 18 hole championship course for you.  Over the par of 72 and 7,555 yard distance, you’re going to find enormous sand traps as well as deceptively thin fairways that will challenge your very ability to play the ball smartly.  But you’ll also find that the holes towards the end of the course are so close to the ocean that you can feel the spray as you’re teeing off, bringing in a whole different physical dimension that few other types of courses can compete with.


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