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The Top 6 North Carolina Golf Courses For Public Use

Not all of the best courses in NC are private clubs. Here are 6 public North Carolina golf courses that anyone can enjoy.

When you’re traveling, or just looking for golf where you live locally, finding places to golf can be hard, especially with all the private golf courses out there.  That’s why you have to know the best public ones that are really worth your time, but that are assured of offering plenty of tee time and golfing opportunities.  The real beauty of public North Carolina golf courses is that they also oftentimes allow you to walk right in and start playing straight away.  You just have to know the great ones, from those that you should probably avoid.

That’s why it’s so important to do your research ahead of time, because not all golf courses are going to be quite what you would expect.  You will find that there are some that are a bit below par, from what you would want or need to have a lot of fun on a challenging golf course.  Whether it’s the lax dress code standards that just make things feel unauthentic, or if the grounds are not maintained in the manner of a championship course, you just might not be able to find the experience you want at some.  But here are 6 of the best public North Carolina golf courses that the state has to offer, that assure you  great time:

1) Linville Golf Club.

For starters, you know this is going to offer you a great opportunity to go golfing, because this course was rated as one of Golf Magazine’s top 25 courses throughout the United States.  Here you’ll find numerous elevations, as well as a winding river that juts right through the course, to provide you with plenty of challenges.  Plus beyond just being one of the top North Carolina golf courses for fun and sport, it’s also one of the most affordable with a modest green fee of $62 to play a round.

2) Tobacco Road Golf Club.

Designed by Mike Strantz this course has a design that’s much more friendly to those newer to the sport, with it’s large and winding fairways.  But you’ll still find plenty of challenge and fun even if you’re a more experience golfer, and you’re assured of enjoying the beautiful location. That’s because of all the bumps and false starts you’ll find throughout the green, to throw up challenging road blocks every so often.

3) Leopard’s Chase Golf Course.

Already voted one of the top North Carolina golf courses in terms of new public courses by several golf magazines, this is a top place for you to spend your money on a tee time.  Here you’re going to find fantastic championship golf, on a course that’s actually only been in use since 2007.   You’re guaranteed a really classic and yet modern experience in this Myrtle Beach course, and the costs are entirely reasonable at $72 a round.

4) Tot Hill Farm Golf Club.

Another one of those great locations if you’re looking for fun golf at a friendly price, here you’re going to find a course that encompasses the entire 367 acre property beautifully.  Plus you’ll also find Mike Strantz’s traditional wide and looping fairways as well as the beautiful trees lining either side.  But what you’ll also find are 200 year old farmhouses beautifully preserved, so that you can look into some rich American history, while you’re golfing.

5) Tiger’s Eye Golf Course.

If you like the challenges of constant course elevation, this is the right type of golfing excursion for you.  You’re going to find elevation changes that can swoop up 60 feet at a moment’s notice, providing you with plenty of challenge.  Plus this is one of the more picturesque courses with the beautiful wildflowers, as well as lakes and trees all throughout the surrounding 40 acres of land.

6) Pine Needles Lodge & Golf Club.

Of course, if you’re looking for a place to stay in addition to playing some great and affordable golf, this is the type of haven for you.  What you get here is access to a beautiful public course that’s actually been ranked as high as number 45 out of the nation’s top 100 golf courses according to Golf Magazine.  Plus the facilities are first rate, so you can be sure you’re going to have a comfortable and cozy stay in addition to world class golf.


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