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The Top Myrtle Beach Golf Courses for Your Vacation

Myrtle Beach golf courses offer some of the best golfing experiences in the country, making it a popular vacation destination for golfers around the world.

Taking a golf vacation is a remarkable way to spend your time, and there are so many to choose from in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  This is one of the topmost places for Golf in the entire country, so it’s a great place to just enjoy one of the most fun sports out there, or even really test your skills on professional style courses.  Plus, a great bonus of many Myrtle Beach courses is that they are available and affordable to the public.  Of course, there are so many courses out there, that you really want to figure out what you’re looking for from a golfing vacation, so that you can plan ahead and discover your own best route. 

One of the first things that comes to mind with just about any type of Myrtle Beach golfing vacation, is how much are things going to cost.  That’s why finding the top courses in terms of overall cost can be a great way to go.  For this there are a few things that you want to weigh up, to be sure that you’re finding a course you’re truly going to be able to enjoy:

                1) The actual fee to play a round of golf.

                2) Cost of renting a golf cart

                3) Cost associated with renting any types of equipment that you might need.

Finding the top Myrtle Beach golf courses that are agreeable on all counts, but that still provide a great experience isn’t that hard either, because there are just so many ideal options.  Through courses like Whispering Pines, you’re going to find that you can play a walking round of golf for as low as $26 in some cases, making it extremely affordable.  You can also rent a golf cart as well if you don’t feel like walking, for only $10 more in most cases, making this one of the most absolutely affordable ways that you can golf in style.

There are plenty of other courses that have a competitive pricing structure to this as well, such as Myrtlewood Golf Club as well as Heron Point Golf Club.  You can find Whispering Pines online at, while the others can be found at and respectively. 

Of course, another part of vacation is finding a more complete golfing and relaxation experience, which is why Myrtle Beach golf course resorts might be more your flavor.  If you’re looking for the most complete vacation experience in addition to golfing, you might want to consider Barefoot Resort.  Boasting a tagline for their course that touts having been designed by “Golf’s most inspired architects, as well as a full spa and relaxation center.  The main attraction is a course that features plenty of holes that are ideal if you are more of an average golfer, but that will still be challenging as a seasoned professional. 

Otherwise, you can also find fantastic resort and golf course combos that provide a true PGA experience as well, so that you can play on the same hallowed soil as real professionals.  Through courses at the Dunes Golf and Beach Club you’ll find an experience like no other in the area.  This is a course that still boasts tournaments for all sorts of professional competitions.  They are known for hosting PGA Senior Tour Championships, as well as the Women’s US Open and even the finals of the PGA qualifying school.  Of all the courses you can find on Myrtle Beach, Dunes is one of the topmost that you want to be sure you find the time for.

But with the bigger courses like Barefoot Resort as well as Dunes Golf, you have to be sure that you plan ahead so that you can schedule your vacation well in time to make a reservation.  That’s where sites like Myrtle Beach Golf at can come in so handy to your vacation planning.  They enable you to basically go down the checklist of what you’re going to need to make your vacation the best it can become.  From key factors like:

                1) Booking tee times

                2) Making resort reservations

                3) Finding rental cars

                4) Finding hotels in the area

Plus you can even find all encompassing travel packages, for the course that you have in mind.  This way your Myrtle Beach golfing vacation is as easy to manage as possible, and you can be sure that you’re able to get out on the green, instead of having to worry about making reservations.

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