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The Truth About Buying Complete Golf Sets: Are They Really The Answer?

Are complete golf sets a good source of value, or should they be avoided? Let's determine the answer.

When you’re out there looking for the right types of golf clubs to really start playing the game, you’re going to find yourself pretty lost amongst all the choices that you have on which types of clubs that you should buy. Which is the exact reason that so many different types of golfers turn to complete golf sets. These are usually sets made by one manufacturer, that are going to include about everything that you need to play, from your putters, to your wedges, irons and drivers. This way, you can get through a round of golf with about the right club to hit the ball anywhere on the course.

But what you’re also going to find is that they are not always what they are cracked up to be. Because nobody is putting this package together for you, and because you’re not really looking at everything that goes into it, you may end up a big disappointed in what’s on offer here. They are not always the best choice, and you may go on to find that they just don’t really get the job done for you. That’s why there are a few things you’re going to want to understand when it comes to complete golf sets, before you actually go out and make a major purchase.

1) Just what to these types of sets include?

You’re going to find that on average, these are going to include about everything that you need to play a round of golf. That all starts with your driver, and this is what you use to tee off in the first place on most holes. They may or may not include a fairway wood or two, which are basically like smaller drivers. Plus you can count on having a few irons, usually 4 or 5 through 9 with a good set. But then you get at least two wedges, as well as a putter.

2) Do they come with a bag as well?

In most cases you will find that they do yes also come with a bag. You can even find the type of complete golf sets that you want based upon the style of bag you need for how you play. If you plan on walking the course you obviously want to go with a stand bag so that you can prop your clubs up themselves when need be. But then you also could go with a cart bag, if you plan on renting or driving a golf cart of your own up and down the course.

3) Do the big brands make these types of packages?

This is a big yes, you will find that you can get a full line of Callaway complete golf sets or even those made by Nike, TaylorMade or any other major golf company. This way, you can outfit yourself with clubs that are of the highest order. But then you can also go with complete golf sets cheap, which are just going to get you in the game with something like Top Flite, or Wilson, that may not be as good overall but that still offer quality in their own right.

4) What are some of the limitations?

You’ll find that in most cases while you can do a bit of customization, most complete golf sets for sale do not offer you the bonuses of getting clubs sized up individually. This means that you’re going to end up with a pretty general set, that doesn’t have the loft or exact shaft flex per club that you may need. Plus you’ll also find that you lose out on choosing better gear. While complete Nike golf sets may have great clubs for the most part, they’re not going to compare to Odyssey putters, so you can still end up having to buy other clubs anyways.

5) So who are these golf sets really for?

If you’re thinking about buying golf clubs this way, you’ll find that it’s only really ideal for beginners. That’s because with complete golf sets, you’re going to find that you miss out on getting to choose the most ideal clubs like TaylorMade’s Burner collection, or the Callaway Diablo series. That can be a big problem for more seasoned vets that have played for a few years and look to collections that they can really manipulate and pick and choose in terms of the clubs that they use. But it is a great way to get into golf with quality Mens complete golf sets for only $400 to $800 over the thousands the clubs normally could cost individually.

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