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The Virtual Golf Simulator: Your Key To Winter Golfing Fun

A virtual golf simulator can help you speed through the winter and resume golfing season in tip top shape. Here's a closer look at them.

If you’re a diehard fan of golf, going throughout the off-season not being able to play is just miserable.  Not only do your skill stagnate so that you’re not going to be as good when you can finally pick up a club again, but it’s just miserable waiting and waiting to be able to get out in the sun to have some fun with your friends.  But you can still capture that environment by playing on a virtual golf simulator, at least to some degree.  While it’s never going to be competition for actually getting out on a course, this is one solution that can see you satisfying that golfing urge when you can’t play yourself.

Basically what you’re looking for here is a place or area where you can use a virtual golf simulator with friends to really capture that sporting experience.  But that also means you have to know what type of simulator you’re looking for, so that you can get the full golfing experience in.  You’re going to find that there are a few different types of indoor golf out there, and not all of them are going to provide quite as much fun as other methods.  Here are a few of the top types of virtual golf simulator options, and where you can play:

1) Full size golf simulation systems.

If you want the utmost in your golfing experience, you have to go with a full size set.  What this almost always entails is a gigantic projection screen which can put a picture of the course you’re playing on right in front of you almost as though you’re actually there.  This way, you can enjoy as close to a true to life golfing experience as possible, despite the fact that you’re not actually out on the green.

What’s more, these systems usually have swing sensors, as well as the-tethered balls that you can hit, so that the virtual golf simulator is able to read your motions as true to life as possible.  This way, it’s able to judge literally where the ball would fall out on the course with complete accuracy.  That provides you not only with the feeling of actually playing golf, but also with the sense that you’re really hitting the ball, and having to use the same types of strategies for determining your next shot.

Most typically you can find these types of simulators at bars, pubs or even sporting centers that cater to golfers.  This way, you can go out with friends and actually play a few rounds in about the same way that you would if you were actually golfing.  But these systems really aren’t realistic if you want to golf in the home, as they are much too large.

2) Smaller home virtual golf simulators.

If you want to play some fun indoor golf, but you don’t want to cope with an enormous price tag, you’re probably going to be looking for more affordably priced home options. There are actually a ton of great options out there for you that you can play right in the home too, and that still offer big home golf fun.  Plus they don’t come with the virtual golf simulator price that you would find from the full size models, which can usually push the tens of thousands to have them installed.

Instead you want to go with something like a videogame, or even a small floor peripheral like the Golf Launchpad Tour.  For just about any videogame console you can enjoy true to life physics and golfing fun with Tiger Woods PGA Tour for PS3, Xbox 360 or even Nintendo Wii.  Plus you can even use some peripherals like the Launchpad with the game, so that you’re actually still getting the feeling of hitting a ball, and driving down the course as if you were really there.

Plus the cost of a virtual golf game like this is going to be much lower than what you would encounter when it comes to a much larger simulator.  In fact, most home golf games are going to cost you between $60 to $200 which makes for a much more affordable way to practice your hobby throughout the off season, opposed to spending thousands of dollars on a system.


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