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Tips For Running Your Own Charity Golf Tournament

Running a charity golf tournament can be fun and rewarding all at once. Planning may seem difficult, but the job will be made easier by following these tips.

Coming up with charity golf tournament ideas is not always easy, but it is something that’s worth doing, because it’s your chance to really make a mark on the community.  Coming up with ideas that can help local charities is really important, as it’ s a chance for the community to really come together and do something positive for one another.  Through the right type of charity golf tournament, you’ll be amazed at all the good that you can do, and just how much they can bring your community together.

Of course, that’s not to say that setting up your own tournament isn’t going to be difficult.  There’s a lot that goes into establishing a golf tournament, and one that’s being done for charity isn’t going to be any different.  In fact it can be quite a bit harder just because you don’t have as much money to put forth, which means you will have to get a bit creative at times.  But you’re going to find that anything worth doing usually takes quite a bit of effort, which is why charity golf tournaments will always be well wroth the time that you put in.

Here are a few things to think about when hosting your own charity golf tournament.

1) Always choose a good location.

Talk to the golf courses in your area, and see about setting up a charity event there.  You’re going to find that these are great opportunities for the course to bring in new people, so they are usually not opposed.  Plus hosting charitable events is always favorable in the media, which is just another selling point that you can have, especially for a public course if that’s what you’re going to play.   Just  make sure that it’s high quality enough to bring out the crowds.  Let’s face it, not every golf course is going to be as historic or memorable as St. Andrews, but it’s important that you’re able to work with what you’ve got.

2) Carefully choose a date.

Consider other local things that are taking place at the same time.  You don’t want to compete with something like an established charity event, or just an established local event that everybody pays attention to or comes out for.  But rather, you want to pick a fairly quiet day, so that you can be sure more and more people show up to see just what’s going on and you can become the talk of the town.  However you also want to be looking at the weather, to make sure that you’re going to be getting some great golfing days as well.

3) Consider offering donated prizes.

If you charge an admission fee which can serve as money for charitable donations, you’d probably do well to offer up some prizes for willing the tournament. This is where local businesses can be so helpful, as they tend to be open to charitable causes.  You can find plenty of great golf specific prizes, or just fun prizes that anybody would want to win.  Either way, they help to stimulate the contest and the competition, and that’s always going to be a very good thing for the success of your charity golf tournament.

4) Try providing food and drinks on the course.

Most types of golf courses are going to have fully stocked utility carts that can be made to provide food and drinks to golfers while they are out playing the game.  This is a great opportunity to pick up that little bit of extra money that goes to things like refreshments.  The more money that you can get in as a charitable purchase or donation, the better, and that means even ensuring the small stuff is covered, like food and drinks for people out enjoying the atmosphere.

5) Always try a silent auction.

If you need another addition to the golf course that’s going to further increase the interest of the community, especially the non-golfers, you want to go with a silent auction.  This way, you can get local businesses and companies to offer up different types of items that you can put on auction.  This way, you can get people bidding and competing without breaking up the golf game going on around them.  That can mean more charitable donations, which always means a greater success in the long run.

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