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Tips On Caring For Your Scotty Cameron Putters

If you own a pair of Scotty Cameron putters, you know they're a special piece of equipment. Caring for them properly becomes all the more important. Here's how to do it right.

How you take care of a putter really determines it’s overall long term performance for you, and what you can expect to get out of them over time.  Whether you treat them nicely, or just leave them to rot, you’re going to notice a massive difference in how they hit the ball, and how they look years down the line.  That’s why you want to make sure that you’re taking care of yours effectively, and with something like Scotty Cameron putters you have to pay special attention to their needs.

One thing that you’re going to find is that a better brand such as this always requires that little bit more care than others are going to require.  But what you’re also going to find is that you have to take care of them in the sense of what type of metal they are crafted from.  Something that you’re going to find with just about any type of putter like this is that you have to treat them well, but also specific to the type of metal they are crafted from, and these days putters can be made from practically anything.

But here’s a quick guide to proper care with the most common types of metals that you’re going to encounter:

1) Stainless steel Scotty Cameron putters.

The nice thing about these types of putters is that they require the least amount of actual care. That’s because stainless steel is impervious to most forms of standard use damage, as well as overall corrosion.  But you do want to keep them away from moisture, and give them a good rub with a dry towel after use to be sure that they are totally dry.  The problem is that even stainless steel is going to rust if you leave them wet for any length of time, and that’s going to ruin the quality of your club overall.

2) Pro Platinum and Charcoal Mist putters.

These types of Scotty Cameron tour putters features a nickel plating over a stainless steel body.  That means that they do require a bit of special care over what you would expect from just straight up steel.  With these you’re going to have to keep them totally dry as well, but also only use approved cleaning products as well, so that you can keep the shine, without doing damage to the nickel plating.  Moreover, you have to be careful of dings, as they are a haven for rust, and the nickel material can ding a bit easier.

3) Teryllium Inserts

Because they are made of copper, with these Scotty Cameron putters you have to be actually pretty careful.  While copper looks fantastic, and is going to give your club face a totally different type of look, you’ll find that it does require some special care.  That’s because copper is known for developing a rich patina over time when not cared for properly.  That’s not something that you always want, so it’s important that you use a standard copper cleaning product to be able to keep them shiny and looking new and fantastic.  But of course not everybody wants to wash away that patina, so it’s really at user discretion.

4) Chromatic Bronze and Blue

These are extremely rare Scotty Cameron tour putters, and are not something that is commonly available to be public.  But that’s not to say they are not impossible to acquire.  If you’re one of the lucky few that’s not on the PGA tour but that still has one in your possession, you need to care for them very carefully.  Because of the material used to colorize them and give them that unique finish, you have to ensure that they stay totally moisture free at all times or they’ll rust in a hurry.  Moreover, you have to keep them lightly oiled when used, just to provide an extra layer of overall protection.

Because of the special care that can sometimes be required, this is also why you want to be sure that used Scotty Cameron putters are well taken care of before making a purchase.  You want to look to the outside be sure that they look clean and well maintained, and always look for rust spots.  You never want to go with a club that features rust anywhere, otherwise you’re going to be in an uphill battle to keep them in top condition.

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