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Top 5 Websites To Find Affordable Vacation Golf Packages

Golf packages don't have to be expensive; here are 5 websites that can help you plan affordable trips.

Golfing vacations are some of the most fun and rewarding types of vacations that you can take, because they are just great for any golfer to experience.  They are a chance to live in the lap of luxury at a beautiful resort and spa where you can really relax and enjoy your time allowing your muscles to recharge from the stresses of your normal life.  But then what you’re also going to be able to experience here is some of the best golf in the world, on the top courses the US has to offer.  So long as you can pick your golf packages right, it’s not going to cost you anything more than a normal vacation either, and there are tons of deals on tee times out there to be found.

Package deals are always what you want to try and take advantage of, and the first thing that you want to do is make sure that you’re looking at the right time.  Try and avoid peak golfing season periods.  You’re going to find that going earlier or later is something that you want to do if you’re looking to really save on your prices.  But also look far in advance of when you want to travel, because many sites have deals that change on a regular basis, so you have to be sure you can keep checking back for when the next great one pops up.

Here are 5 of the best possible golf packages websites that you want to be looking at when it comes to finding the perfect vacation experience.


The ultimate site to browse if you’re looking for deals on golf vacations.  Here you can find all sorts of great packages, whether you’re looking to golf in Arizona, California, Myrtle Beach, and practically anywhere else that you can possibly think of.  Plus they make browsing easy as you can conveniently locate and search for different types of deals online without having to go to different sites. You’ll find that most packages are in the low hundreds as well, so you can be sure these are golf vacations that you can afford to take, despite them being at more prestigious courses.


Another great website where you’re able to browse golf packages from all over the United States, this is a great deal advisor because they offer spotlight deals, as well as customizable packages so that you can find out a bit more about what’s out there for you.  But you’ll also find that you can get great deals on worldwide golf packages as well, so if you want to golf in Ireland or Scotland, this can be the perfect source for you to start from.


Here you can plan out the type of golf packages that you really want for your ideal vacation, and you’ll find that it’s  a perfect place to go if you’re after a good bargain.  What you get here is the opportunity to explore all sorts of different types of bargains including browsing by state, when you want to travel, or even just the deals within your price range.  That gives you the opportunity to explore golf vacations the way that you want, and it ensures you’re going to be able to take just the type that’s going to provide the most meaningful as well as greatest experience for the money you have to spend.


If you’re looking for a more specific type of package, then this is what you’re after as they specialize in everything you could want when you’re going to be golfing the Carolinas.  More specifically they are going to deal with Myrtle Beach, and you’ll find that there are a lot of golf courses in this area, hence plenty of opportunity to choose where you’re going to want to play.  That’s going to virtually guarantee that you can choose the right course, and the right resort to come together for a perfect golf vacation.


Finally, this is the top site on the internet if you want to be able to browse the deals going on for golf packages all over the country.  Here you’re going to find the ultimate resource for learning everything about any course in your area, and it’s the perfect type of site when you’re looking for more specific information to do with the golfing in any area.  They can break down almost any course in terms of difficulty, type of grass, etc.  That ensures you’re going to be able to explore all the courses nation wide, and find great golf vacation deals on all of them.


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