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Top Flight Golf Balls vs. Titleist: Which Should You Choose?

Top Flight golf balls are a popular choice for golfers, but are they better than Titleist? Read this article to figure out your best option.

Ever had trouble picking out the right type of golf equipment, because you didn’t really know much about your choices?  That’s something that often happens, especially when you’re talking about things like golf balls.  Not everyone realizes just how important it is that you find the right type to get the job done, when it comes to playing your best on the course.  That’s why it’s important that you weight what each can provide for you in both positive as well as negative terms, so that you know you really have the right type of ball to produce the best personal performances that you can.

For that reason, there are a few things that you want to ask yourself when you’re looking for the right types of golf equipment, especially when you’re comparing a more affordable brand like Top Flight golf balls, against something like Titleist which has been around for generations. There are several factors that you’re going to want to think about, and here are some of the most important:

1) Feel of the ball on the outer shell.

This is really important for caressing the ball into the hole when you’re on the green.  More traditionally, the softer the ball is the more control you’re going to have when it comes to placing and also taking your shot.  That’s really important, and that’s going to be a vital part of your game as you get better and better.  Most typically the edge here falls to Titleist, as with their patented Pro V1 and Pro V1X technology you’ll find that nothing feels softer, or produces the more tour quality touch.

2) Overall putting performance.

Because of the actual feel of the ball, you’re going to find that with Top Flight golf balls are usually not going to be superior to Titleist, for a few reasons.  One of the main ones being just that you don’t have as much control because of the harder shell.  Since Titleist has a much softer shell, you’re more able to caress the ball into the hole, whereas the ball sort of bounces off the club with a Top Flight ball.  What’s more, there is more spin control with Titleist, as you’re able to get the ball to stop when you need it to, whereas with Top Flight you’re going to end up rolling the shot a bit long in some cases.

3) Driving distance.

This is a big one and a make or break for many golfers, as this is how you’re going to be able to start out when you’re first playing.  For this, Top Flight golf balls actually have a slight edge depending upon the model you use.  When playing with the D2, you’re going to find that you’re actually able to drive the ball farther because of it’s advanced spring and harder shell.  What’s more, Top Flight also has a higher arc than Titleist golf balls in some cases, so this can also help get that extra few yards out of your shot when everything is said and done.

4) Natural ball spin.

This is a massive factor, and is one that can really control how well you’re able to approach the green.  What you’re going to find here is that the better you are at golf, you’re going to be able to put negative spin on the ball to get total distance, but then to deaden the ball when you want it to stop short on the green.  Typically this means you want Titleist golf balls as they just slightly edge out Top Flight.  That’s only because Top Flight tends to run on a bit after hitting the ground, which results in a slight loss of control.

5) How much your balls are going to cost you.

This can be a major impact that’s really dictated by how serious you might be about the game.  But the edge here is always going to be in favor of Top Flight golf balls.  That’s because you can find them literally anywhere, even stores like Walmart where you can buy a box of 15 for less than a buck a ball.  That’s a stark contrast to Titleist which charges in excess of $40 for the same amount for some models.  That can make or break your decision, and while Titleist may edge Top Flight golf balls in some areas, you can’t go wrong saving a ton of money when you want to play for fun.

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