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Top Golf Exercises to Improve Your Game

Golf exercises are an overlooked means of improving your results on the course. Here are six forms of conditioning worth trying out.

There are plenty of ways that those looking to improve their golf game can achieve this. While working with clubs is obviously important, so is fitness and working on this can generally help in improving your game and reducing the chances of suffering an injury. There are a variety of options for this and some of the top golf exercises for improving your game include the following.

Side Split Squat

The glute muscles lie at the top of the back of the leg and are considered to be key muscles in developing a powerful golf swing. Golf exercises which work these are therefore useful. The side split squat helps to strengthen the glutes as well as stretching the inner thighs. Start in an upright position and spread the legs as wide as possible. Keep the arms raised directly in front of you and shift slowly to one side such that the weight is taken by one leg, while the other is stretched out straight. Move from side to side for a number of repetitions to work the glute muscles in each leg.

Physio-Ball Leg Curl

This is another exercise that is beneficial for the glute muscles and requires the use of a large physio ball. Lie on your back with the ball at your feet. Place feet on the top of the ball and raise the hips off the ground such that the body from shoulders to knees forms a straight line. Then curl the feet towards the buttocks by bending the knees, ensuring that the hips remain in the same position throughout the movement. This helps to work and strengthen the glutes.

Lateral Raise

This exercise is used to help strengthen the shoulders which can help in producing a stronger and more controlled golf swing. In a standing position, bend slightly forward at the hips with arms hanging in front of you. Hold a dumbbell in each hand with palms facing together. From this starting position move the dumbbells to the side and raise them up to shoulder level and back down again. Repetitions of this exercise will build the shoulder muscles for added power in the golf swing.

Golf Twist

This golf exercise is designed to help with the flexibility of the trunk and to develop power in the golf swing. It requires the use of a standard medicine ball or a dumbbell. Place yourself in a standard golf-address stance, holding the weight in front of you in the center of the chest. From this position swing the weight to the right as if making a golf swing and keep going until the left shoulder is under the chin. Then repeat the motion to the left side. Working on this golf exercise can help to strengthen and increase the range of motion in the upper body which can result in a more powerful swing.

Golf Flex: The Complete Workout

Rather than being a single exercise, this is a range of golf exercises that are designed to increase the flexibility and strength of a player. The DVD lays out a fitness regime from renowned instructor Paul Frediani, prepared specifically for golfers and includes stretching exercises, weight training and a resistance program. The entire workout can condition and train the body to better prepare it for playing golf and can therefore be a useful tool for a golfer to use.

Complete Conditioning for Golf

This is another training DVD which provides a set of golf exercises designed specifically to help players improve their game. It sets out a fitness regime developed by Pete Draovitch and Ralph Simpson which is aimed at producing a stronger and more functional body for playing golf. Strength, core and flexibility exercises are included and these can help in a variety of ways. This includes greater power off the tee, improved flexibility to help the swing, keeping the body strong through a full round of golf and reducing the chances of suffering a golf related injury.

The fitness of a golfer can be a key part of them playing the game well and remaining healthy. Golf exercises are designed for this purpose and can help a player to improve their strength and flexibility to better play golf. The exercises shown above are a few of those which can be used specifically by a golfer, and working on these can be a common sense idea for players looking to improve their golf fitness.

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